I have typed this story several times, not because that I have already told this story before, NO! It’s just that I kept on erasing and retyping the whole story again and again, because I was thinking of a better way to start it and give it a nice introduction with those words that might get you thinking am a bright chap. Though things have jam and I have given up on that! So here it is in plain words.

I know most of you are already thinking what I am going to share about in this particular blog maybe politics, currents affairs, sports and emotional stuff. Well if you are expecting any of that, am sorry; this blog is not in line with any of the above, apparently this blog is about blogging. Yeah Blogging; If I have left you on that statement I wish you could put up your hand and I clarify more on that, well for now KEEP CALM AND READ ON. To those who are still with me clap for yourself.

Moving on swiftly my blogging life (if it’s a life, that is to say) started at the end of last year and it started in a funny way, in that I saw a friend of mine called Josh, typing and a story on a web page though I didn’t understand what he was doing but you know those things of acting like you understand everything (“star taffa” moves) I pulled one of those moves, and it worked by the way, though I was still curious about the whole thing.

Two days later curiosity took me to the same website he used, then I signed up! (as if I knew what I was signing up for) okay it was a new thing yes, but trust me at least I knew how the search icon looked like so I typed in his name and it worked, and then searched for others guys like Beewol, Danny T, Patricia Kahill, Mr bata, Collins among others just for just! After reading a few of their blogs I wanted to be like them when I grow up! (This is a common line though I had to use it, I could not find a better one) So what got me started was curiosity and admiration to socialize both here and aboard like them!

Enough about those guys (They won’t pay for AD) again moving on; Blogging to me has been interesting and it is still interesting. I found out that the early users of blogs defined “blog” as a personal online diary though to me it goes beyond that, because there is a way it gives me a platform to share ideas, speak/scream out, criticize, comment and express emotional feelings on given topics and situations. By the way I have a blog about my love life coming up soon.  .  .

Now am thinking of a way to conclude this story though common lines are coming up to my mind like; last but not least, as I finish and lastly. . . because am just that simple, ooh by the way did I tell  you I went to KFC this Year because of blogging but that is another story for another day (Those are two stories in stock now.) Beside KFC there other benefits that I have obtained from blogging like networking with professional peers, connecting with like-minded people, record creation for future references that is when I need to revisit my archives,  and I have satisfied my creativity side in me!

Anyway am done here. . .  (dials the rolex guy’s number) wait do I have credit? yeah it has gone through! okay bye


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