Today in the afternoon I was  trying to call someone on my phone and the phone couldn’t connect  so I dialed the number again, still it couldn’t connect then the phone tells me I need to redial the number again, am getting more and more frustrated then I catch myself literally about to throw my phone away. In my mind am thinking maybe this person black listed me, because I had airtime (of course not free calls)  and it couldn’t connect, so in all this I start breathing so heavily, so fast and thinking a lot in mind.  Aarrggh

Each day we take about twenty six thousand breaths, somewhere around fourteen thousand liters of air, (am not that wise to know that statistics, I looked it up from Google, hehehehe) and we should breathe from our stomach not our chest, but when we are distracted, stressed and moving so fast we tend to breath from our chest. I don’t know why but I guess that is the way we are wired.  Anyway let us come back to the story.

So I sit down and look around the whole place (this spot was just perfect for a phone call it had a this perfect breeze, the silence was just isshh) so I get my phone dial again, because I really wanted to talk to this person. So I dial the number and BOOM the phone connects (yyyeeeeyyyyyiiii moment) as I was still yyyeeyyiii-ing then she answered my call, “Hello”. If this was a TV show; this is the point where we would go for a short commercial break.  . .

You know like those career ladies, intellectuals, no sense women, the female bosses? Exactly! . . . She is like one of that kind, and all my yyyeeeyyyiii was swallowed up by the response, and I replied “Hi, Hello”. . . and guess what? I could not add a word on that statement, in just a second every word evaporated in thin air. Now you are thinking am a coward and slow but suppose you are given chance to speak to a serious lady like Nancy of NTV can you hold a serious conversation with her for more than two minutes? I bet my left hand if you can, In fact my phone.

Am done here, those who want to stand my bet, my handle is @joeljjemba tweet me anytime any day and let’s do business.


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