My mum cooks the best pillawo rice around Kampala, yes! she is the best at that, I know you are doubting, you want to say Joel you haven’t tasted my mum’s or yours in particular (that’s if you cook) but no way am sticking to my statement “she cooks the best pillawo rice” (Why am I even spending my time explaining that?) Just know she is the best and we move on with the story. Anyway she told me “Basing on the way you love pillawo, how I pray you will find a wife who will cook tasty pillawo rice” (in my face, like BOOM) Of course I laughed and said amen, I also hope to find one as well (abanoonya alert | hides)

Anyway am not really searching as you might think, reason being among all guys that have suffered with relationships I know I am ranked number one somewhere somehow. I started relating as early as primary two ( echo:in primary two) because and I had lines that could make girls carry my bag home and join me in the rain to play and run around, mehn! I was bad as in bad! Just blame it on where I grew up from “Ghetto” and ghetto life is the kinda life every guy should at least experience just for just!

In most ghettos; people do most of the things (if not all the things) in open/public, starting from legal to very illegal things, so by all means I was passively and involuntary a victim (lack of a better word). Among things that I learnt passively was “vibing” I knew how to stand and lean when vibing and I could use those best lines. I could just copy cut and I could get any girl I wanted. Apparently things work out for me; I was good, but the problem was keeping the relationship! that was a tight paper and it is still a tight paper (you can refer to it as a chemistry paper to an art student). but I will  be fine | console.

I usually tell my friends I will marry in 2040, most them laugh at me because 2040 is way too far since by then I will be a “Jajja” with grey hair. . . but who knows this is Uganda! anything can happen. If Nalule managed to get a husband at an age of 80+ what about me?

Am done here . . . ( status: video games | Fifa 14)


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