Jemba Joel Talks to Joel Jemba

I woke up today and I did not want to get out of bed, so my body started negotiating with my mind
(peace talks), I tell you it was a long session. If you have ever experienced this before you probably know what I’m talking about. Anyway I got up and went direct to the mirror on the wall and looked at myself then did all the funny faces that I could do at that time. Finally I started talking to myself like a serious man. Jemba Joel a.k.a serious me starting talking to Joel Jemba a.k.a  playful me in the mirror. (no longer peace talks now)

Knowing that I have already made changes in my life that will last forever, today I insert the final piece of the puzzle. I possess the greatest power ever bestowed upon mankind, the power of choice. Today, I choose to persist without exception. No longer will I live in a dimension of distraction, my focus blown hither and yon like a leaf on blustery day (am exaggerating of course, but you get the point). I know the outcome I desire. I hold fast to my dream. I stay the course. I do not quit.

I acknowledge that most people quit when exhaustion sets in. I am not “most people” (hope you too are not) I am stronger than most people. Average people accept exhaustion as a matter of course. I do not. Average people compare themselves with other people. That is why they are average. That is why they are average (No offense by the way).  I compare myself to my potential. I am not average. I see exhaustion as a percentage to victory.

Then I asked myself; how long must a child try to walk before he actually does so? Do I not have more strength than a child? More understanding? More desire? How long must I work to succeed before I actually do so? A child would never ask the question, for the answer does not matter. By persisting without exception, my outcome (my success) is assured.

Am done here…  (my common line when concluding most of my blogs) hope it will change someday. By the way today is “world food day”  how knows where the food party is? (Asking for a friend, inside me)


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