stage fright

“Next, we have Joel Jemba” when I heard that, it felt like someone had poured cold water on my head literally I froze and I could not move. And she called my name again, this time I had to move and get out of the seat. (Am getting a head of myself already) Let me take you back to the beginning of it all. If this was a series this is the point where they say “previously on . . .”   

In all things that I quaked was a platform/pulpit and speaking to a given audience, not that I did not have ideas to share to fellows, but the silence, the eyes, the expectations and the attention they all created that kind of tension the was always unbearable to me. And here I was on a panel of speakers that had to share on this event.  So the moderator introduces the theme of the event gives it a powerful introduction and tells the audience about the panelists, she painted a big picture of me and other panelist, actually she exaggerated everything.

Still to take you back I had my speech crammed, literally I had spent the whole week revising and memorizing the speech, looking in the mirror trying to speak to an invisible audience, though I was still not ready to present; and behold the day was here and I had to face the crowd with my crammed speech. Mehn! Anyway the first speaker was through and I was next, so the moderator said “next, we have Joel Jemba” (this is where I started from)

In all things that parents should train their kids home is self-esteem, this is something I didn’t have by the time they called my name. Anyway the presentation was a success yes, after everything a certain man who happened to be in the audience by the time of my presentation told me “Joel, you have all ideas, you just need self-esteem”.  

Later I found self-esteem (to cut the long story short) currently I can speak to any given audience; at any given event and I deliver as required plus plus (This is not an AD). To everyone right there who has stage fright you can do also be like me when you grow up! Okay bye (off to bed)


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