On a Sunday like this when the banking halls are closed and you need money, the only means you can access your money is through the ATM. If you forgot your pin code for the account,however much you cry a river and call the security guard around the ATM booth you cannot access your money. But still it is your money and the ATM card is still yours. The problem here is not the bank or the ATM card but rather your knowledge and memory about your pin code.

At the beginning of this year I decided to devote myself to reading more books both on my kindle and the hard copies. Also articles, magazines, blogs, newspapers among others. In this generation we are so bless with a lot of information both online and offline. Surprisingly many of us (me inclusive) are not knowledgeable about many things in life. Though this does not mean the information is absent; it is there.

I know you have already got the idea where am heading to, apparently a person who reads a blog to this point should at least know where this blog is heading to and you are right it am heading that way. Anyway for that reason I will not go further. All I want to say is “be hungry and thirsty for information and knowledge, with that your life will never be the same again.”

Today as I conclude, I want to thank the guys who thought about this challenge #7daysBloggingChallenge it has been great one and am looking forward to a monthly blogging challenge. Then I really want to appreciate all the friends who read my blogs everyday (Massie, Joel, Mr. Bata to mention but a few) you guys are the best!

Am done here . . . oh before I go; special shouts to all bloggers that have participated in this challenge either fully or partially. Thank you all so much



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