Muyizi Tasubwa

It’s been a while since I last checked in here; a midst all the events and social media trends starting from Miss Uganda 2014, Release Owino, Nssf annual member meeting, consent at 14, stand out, launching of phatfest 2014, comedy meets music, Desire Luzinda’s nudes among others, I could not sit down and write a blog. There is away the FOMO captures me and leaves me helpless; I long to know what is happening here and what is trending, be it Ugandan or international so that I might at least have a say where necessary or be part of the event somehow somewhere because  am Joel Jemba; muyizi tasubwa

I being an events person recently I found myself at Sundowner and Judith Heard was oba the host um umh. Then I bumped into a guy I knew (We all did not look to be the kind of guys to be out here on such an event) this guy asks me “You man, what are you doing here?” and bambi he was bold while asking; so I faked a laugh as I was thinking of what to reply, the question got me thinking; does he want to say am not supposed to be here or have I come to drop something to a friend shortly and I go away? While I was still thinking and laughing a babe came and stood next us like BOOM he had to change the question to “so man, what’s up? “ and I replied in a second “nothing really, what’s up?” That common line

Anyway have you ever been in a place and you don’t feel lively? Not really satisfied? And feeling out of place? Well that was me at that moment. Reason being I don’t drink and the event itself was for drinking and promoting different kinds of alcoholic drinks. As the party went on I had to excuse myself and go home (though nice babes were in the house like eh) I had to leave to find inner peace though.

Remember in all this I had to come for this event because a number of guys that I know said they would be there and I said to myself “me too I will be there”.  Anyway things did not go as I expected, maybe I should always double check on some events before I attend; because there are so many events though not every event is beneficial to me.

Am done here, see you all at The Sound Cup Thursday 6th November [Myko Ouma]


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