Switch On Your #Votability ✔

If you have been wondering what the “Votability” thing is all about and you got no one to fill you in, wonder no am here to do exactly that. Maybe you have heard about votability and you still don’t what to do or you have never heard about votability at all, still am here to at least inform you.

Disclaimer: I don’t work with CCEDU nor Electoral Commission am just a citizen that has taken time to study  and has gone through the votability process.

Well for starters votability is a multi-media messaging campaign that has been crafted by CCEDU for the 2015 voter register update and display exercise.
Votability is a catchy term from two words Vote and ability; The term is used to refer to the eligibility, ability,
preparedness and exercising the right to vote.
Like any other campaign, votability as well as aims objectives;
1. To Popularize the voter Register and Update and Display Exercise
2. To Change the Attitude of the electorate to positively embrace electoral processes.

The votability campaign started on Tuesday the 7th of April 2015 and it ends on Thursday the 30th of April 2015 in the parishes/wards countrywide.

Here are a few steps that you need to undertake to switch on your votability;

i) Locate the parish/ward station, find the Electoral commission officials ready to take you through the process; of either checking or updating your details

ii) Check for your details keenly starting with the photo, the name the sex and village of residence, don’t mind the codes on the I also don’t what they mean. (laughs)

iii) If the details are valid to you then tick in the box on the top left of your details in the voter register, [if not valid please update your information)

that’s all, literally you have switched on your votability.

if that is done, you can either choose to stay and have a conversation with the officials or go back to your normal activities.
Reminder; The deadline is 30th April 2015 for switching on your votability.
if you have questions about votability, You can ask the officials at the station as you are at it. but for me and my head that’s all we can say about votability, Oh you can get more info. from the social media platforms:

Twitter – VotabilityUg

Facebook – Votability 

Instagram – Votability 
CCEDU – Citizens’ Coaliation for Electoral Democracy in Uganda.


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