Mayday Mayday

We recently as a country witnessed huge losses of those dear and close to this nation’s heart in a quick but pretty fast frenzy. It all still is but a blur of events that just kept brushing up against each other. So fast for our mortal eyes to ever comprehend. In this very time fingers were pointed at the different institutions, bodies, individuals or like some would have liked to believe, some statutes were to blame for the lack of proper service delivery.

With the increased number of Cancer patients, and those with Organ failure cases, you would have thought Mulago hospital (being the largest hospital in Uganda and one of the only three referral hospitals) would be very equipped to deal with the arising cases. Mulago was founded in 1913 by Albert Ruskin Cook, and a new facility completed in 1962. It has an official capacity of 1790 beds. According to the 2014 estimates, the population now stands at 39,234,256 people.

*A moment of silence*

At the realization that the biggest hospital is not well equipped to offer adequate services for it’s population, it is even more disheartening to learn that the hospital is not stocked with enough medicine. Mulago all flooded; All the people flock the hospital with high hopes of getting the best medical care at the cheapest of prices or for free. In the end however, these poor patients that probably travel from far away lands, hopelessly have to endure the humiliation of frustrated nurses and guess what? No doctor. No medication given. No improvement of health and as always, death follows. Sometimes it seems that when a doctor makes rounds, it is a totally stressed excuse of a doctor or an intern.

This leaves one to beg the simple question though, where are the doctors? In their clinics? And where is the medicine? An unpaid pharmacist or dispenser sold them off at a good price? Or was the medical provision in the budget only a figure of speech? What should a farmer who can’t afford medical care do? Why is there no improvement? The frustrated, tired, unpaid nurses got tired of caring! Bakoowu! They just can’t even do the night shift like they are supposed to or care for and tend to the patients they are sworn to help. They  suffer and wither away slowly dying; they will be fine?

But as we all know our country, you can guess what our beloved fat excuses for politicians are doing. They are busy campaigning at people’s funerals, fundraising money to buy cars – Not just any cars but V8 Land cruisers, 2014 Models. Unending accidents on Ugandan roads are actually those we ought to attribute to outdated cars on the streets (DMCs). I don’t  know whose business that is but it seems we have outdone ourselves. We have properly danced to death’s beat. Ugandans are dying. What happened to “For God and my country?”

My honest thought is that doctors should take their role as a personal responsibility and give an extra service to fellow countrymen. The government should motivate their educated civil servants with higher salaries allowances, and awards of recognition. The government should also allocate more funds to the health sector and reduce taxes on medicines so that a layman does not have to pay so much. But then this has all been said before. We should combat corruption in this our land.


One thought on “Mayday Mayday

  1. first am so proud ov u jole and second I love like love the message in this .and the matter of fact that you have even gone a head and given the solutions to us, you are the man and you are right I also do not understand what is going on in our country today I really think it is no longer the ” FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY” WE HAD BUT NOW”for GOD and my stomach.” oba tulikuki??????????

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