You’re Only Young Once

When more than three social events happen on the same day and in the same time boundary, FOMO takes you captive and you literally find you on the edge of wishing for supernatural powers (teleportation abilities). I wanted to attend all the three events.

I kept off twitter TL and concentrated on work at office, though I replied DMs that came through, blue ticked some tweets in my mentions (Read: Favorite tweets)  I didn’t want to raise the FOMO I was dealing with already, could be like adding an injury to the wound. Let’s face it, twitter TL is good at raising FOMO even on events you don’t “need” to attend.

After work, I went home dropped off the bag and stuff, freshened up and hit the road. In my mind I had a thought; by the time I reach town, Spirit will lead to the event I need to be at. . . Well I found myself at Kanjokya House at Hive Colab.
I checked in and enjoyed the presentation
About Online image (Your Brand online)
Apparently I learnt alot from the presentation. Your image online is very important, you are what you talk about online! It applies both for personal interests and business.
The cores of your brand online are;
1. Authenticity
2. Reality
3. Planning
4. Focus

Well these were explained and discussed in the hangout! If you need more about the online image and brand, send me a tweet or find someone who attended I’m sure I saw a number of tweeps. (Big and small wigs)

Moving on swiftly, in just a flash I hit the road again and checked in at the pre KlaRestaurantWeek event. Like I said FOMO!

The organizers of the event did a good job many people checked in and it was a full house, though in line with the food (platters) they missed out on our money, because by the time I checked in the platters were done! And it wasn’t really late or anything because even people who checked in earlier missed out on the platters. This was sad especially for the team I play for #TeamAlwaysHungry

Please organizers next time make it massive irrespective of the risks involved and expected returns while planning.
Good thing where I was, the conversations kept me and others off thinking about the platters. Though conversations kept on changing in flashes from this to that, the moment you turn to look around and turn back to the conversation you would find a new conversation and not even related to previous one.

Anyway here is the thing, if you don’t attend events happening around, Nyabo oba Ssebo once in while loosen up; come out and play. You are only young once!


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