Grand Ma Told Me

I spent most of my holidays in the village as was the custom at home. My parents used to send my siblings and I off to visit, learn life principles and of course help grandma out every time we were required to. Most times, when school holidays came through, our minds had some kind of automatic switch to village settings because it was a norm for our family (read: household).

Grandma’s House in the holidays was always more or less like a bee hive. Her nurturing capabilities brought together almost all of her grandchildren from the different families. Trust me, we were quite a number and yet we were always welcome. That was her; Friendly, warm-hearted, hardworking, prayerful, caring and keen.

She wasn’t the type of person who resorted to crude means of punishment. If you were in the wrong, you earned yourself the unmistakable signature look that she alone could give. she would look at you at a certain angle and believe me, you just had to apologize or have a change of heart. She always woke up first to organize a few things and then call upon all of us at once, “mwe abaana.” Of course a few of us often stayed in bed after the first call. On the second call however, all of us would respond unanimously, “wanji jjaja,” as we dashed out of our beds lest she was forced to do it herself and that was never a pleasant ordeal.

A few years back our grandma passed on (Read: Went to be with the Lord) [Rest In Peace Grand Ma] and many people came through for the burial. By many, I mean many (Read: Multitudes of people). She was a people person and a person of influence. It rained during her burial, which in our custom, is a sign that she was a good and merciful person. Of course that is what is believed and who are am I to refute beliefs yet my bio reads “believer” somewhere?

Moving on swiftly… Grandma didn’t always speak a lot, although I remember one day she said and I quote, “Never ever sell the fixed assets and fittings that you possess.” Of course this didn’t make sense to me by then. Which assets did I have? Selling! Really? What would I sell then? She looked around as if to find a suitable example and pointed with her mouth to a certain chair in the corner of the living room and said, “You see, Even if it’s that chair and its yours don’t sell it.” We all looked at the chair and many of us still didn’t get what she meant. Grandma saw that we were puzzled, so she continued, “If you sell away any fixed asset that belongs to you, chances are high that you may never get it back or its equivalent”.

Maybe someone here may beg/want to differ and even give examples of fixed assets you sold and surprisingly got them back. Anyway, my Grandma said, “chances are high you may never.” [Let that sink in] Well, with reference to that statement, a lot can be said and debated thereafter. I can’t stop you, go right ahead. As for me, I am out.

Till next publish.



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