Finally, I met her.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen” she said. [All eyes on her] “Welcome to the launch of the Huawei P8” she added. Her name Flavia Tumusiime and was ready to take us through the event as the Moderator. A few guys took pictures of her and flooded the timeline with tweets and posts of #WCW (woman Crush Wednesday) it was prosperity for all at the moment. In my thinking she ignited the launch in style apparently she had our attention with every move she made in that blue dress.

See for yourself. Photo credit @Sambannz
Flavia Tumusiime in the blue dress.  Photo credit~@Sambannz

Moving on swiftly, the waiters and waitresses brought on the cocktails. If you have ever been to Serena’s cocktail or a cocktail party before I am sure you can relate, if you have never been to one take heart it’s definitely not the end of the world. While I was sipping on a glass of juice [I don’t drink] my curiosity and FOMO took me to the display table where this tall, slim, shining, beauty was. Without waiting for another heartbeat I place my glass down next to her and I touched.

The beautiful Huawei P8
The beautiful breathe taking Huawei P8

As I was gazing, touching and admiring a gentleman stood next to me and told me every single detail about this gorgeous. I was swept off my feet when he said she has an Octa-core processor at 64 bit, fourth color sense camera, low light shooting camera and the fact that she can light paint. My jaw dropped and from afar you could tell I was in love and looked like I had found the ONE.

But hey, like any other window shopper I walked away with that assurance that maybe one day I will own one and looked at her as other people flooded to the display to see her ‘the love of my life’ AKA HUAWEI P8. Wait, did I tell you her Android Operating system version is in Lollipop? Exactly! Forget about the Android 2.2.3 of Zombie, 4.0.1 of sandwich, 4.1.3 of jellybean and definitely forget about the 5.0.0 of K this lady has Android 5.0.2 Lollipop.

An up close of the Huawei P8
An up-close of the Huawei P8

Well with many random thoughts I came back to my friends and resorted to tweeting and taking pictures of what was happening because apparently that was all left besides meeting other new faces and of course the cocktail tried filling the gap. Maybe something I didn’t mention was the draw that happened where you had to a chance win the Huawei P8, you had to drop in a business card in a certain jar and wait for your luck and 3 winners were announced. And tell you what! The day I didn’t move with any business card was the day this opportunity came through. Naye kale!


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