On that Travel plan.

I haven’t been to a number of districts here in Uganda, this year I had made a resolution maybe to travel around Uganda among which Kalangala held a special call on my must visit followed by Kiboga, Apac the list goes on to even Nebbi. It being October and drawing closer to the festival season, this could be the perfect time to travel and visit places, no?

Anyway about my travel to Kalangala I had chosen to go this month and tell a few of my friends that might want to go with me on this journey, but like any other traveller before you go to a place you need to do some reach about the place; the main activities, culture and norms, the structures of the shelters and definitely the food points and joints.  I started my research and found things that I liked and also found things that left wondering what was really going on in kalangala.

Well one of the reviews I found had this to say “From the clear waters of lake Victoria,Kalangala on the Ugandan island of Bugala looks like a  tropical paradise but just a few meters off the shore, the reality is much different.A shanty town of unemployed farmers and subsistence fishermen barely surviving after being forced off their land”

When I read that my curiosity told me to read more and more of this and find out what exactly was happening, well see what I found:

“The farmers accuse Bidco one of the largest consumer companies in EastAfrica of colluding with local officials to grab their land, Razed of their crops,deforested and planted with palm trees.

Over 18,000 acres of forests have been destroyed to make way for massive palm oil plantations which stretch as far as the eye can see.

The locals together with the help of Friends of the Earth Uganda raised money to sue Bidco and court hearing has started today 30th September 2015.”

Do I still want to sail to Kalangala? Yes.

Am I sorry about the farmers’ land? Yes.

How true is this story? Well watch this video.

By now you should be feeling the same way am feeling or even worse or not even moved by the clip. But that is actually happening and a High court judge John Keitirima has set 14th Oct 2015 to start hearing a temporary injunction restraining Bidco Uganda from evicting the residents of kalangala.

Well for now I have to put kalangala on my to-do later list of travel, I cannot imagine me camping and the tractors interrupt my camping space! But one day I will definitely sail to Kalangala maybe after all this saga.


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