When You Travel You See, When You’re Back You Share

On the list of the thirty seven things people regret when old ‘Not Traveling when you had the chance’ holds the number one position.  For long I had a desire to travel but I stayed in my cocoon keeping it low in my parish and city and read about almost all travellers’ articles and pieces. When I discovered that number one regret, my mindset about travelling changed and took a different drift. Instantly ideas of traveling and places to visit started to flood in my mind and they were hard to ignore trust me you, I tried but they kept on flooding. This set a challenge to beat and I was ready!

Like any other traveller you start by equipping yourself with the basic must have, necessities and then do research about places before you travel.  Since I am beginner at traveling I suggested I will do places that are just in my neighboring district, I know this is going to sound odd to some people but I have been to a few districts here in Uganda very few to that point I can count them on my fingers of the two hands and not all the fingers by the way.

In me I felt like a certain chapter of life was missing and I wasn’t ready to rest and let it be unwritten and blank, frequently I asked myself what stories about traveling will I tell my children and grandchildren? And sometimes imaginations of stories of how I met their mother on a tour crowd my mind. But Hey what do I know?

It was about time to unleash the travel spirit in me and It started with simple tours and they were mainly for enjoyment and pleasure, but recently I travelled with a group of Photographers, media influencers and cool people who just wanted to travel (and it wasn’t planned to have a few people but whoever was interested and showed up regardless of anything was welcome) and we went to Jinja for a KoikoiJinjaInsta Meet, This meet added purpose to my travel life. If you don’t know KoikoiUg, well allow me; KoiKoiUg is appreciating who are we, celebrating Uganda and breaking the stereotypes about Uganda. see more here http://www.koikoiug.com

Am Ugandan and there is a lot to tell the world about Uganda,  be it good, bad, amazing, mind blowing or awesome and I don’t think I alone or the group that went to Jinja can tell it all. So I simply just want to suggest how about we citizens of Uganda work together on this cause to appreciate who we are, celebrate Uganda and break the stereotypes about Uganda. Oh it does not matter which part of Uganda you are in simply take pictures share on the social media platform(s) hashtag the post(s) #KoiKoiUg to see the progress process still check the hashtag #KoiKoiUg

A picture taken in Jinja, River Nile. Photo credit: Kreativ Adikt
A picture taken in Jinja, River Nile. Photo credit: Kreativ Adikt

A wise man once said “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

Ooh wait! Can I send a few shouts? 1. To the people (Read: Auto Bots) I traveled with you know yourselves 2.  A special one to Jovago East Africa, we were so humbled 3. To tour guides both at Bourbon in Jinja and at Ssezibwa falls 4. To all the three drivers, you guys rock we didn’t experience “wrong turn” scenes.

We shall definitely do that again and again! okay bye

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