Great Burden To Bear

You flip on your radio and turn the dial to a station. Guitars wail, and an electric bass throbs while the singer sings, “Love me, Love Me, hug me, hold me. . .”

You spin the dial and it lands on a station, the “Oh my!” station. A woman’s voice shrieks “All I wanted was love, but all you gave was sorrow. . .”mehn!

You turn to another station, the “Golden Oldies” station and you hear a tinny band singing, “Love, love, love, love, love, love. . .“ Ah no!

You tune in another station, a country station, and hear, “I’d paint myself green if that would make you . . . love me . . .”

Finally you turn into your favorite station (Read: 104.1) your “Eight million songs in a row” station! A sultry voice caresses the airwaves, “Your love always brings me back” Yes, now that’s real music!

Everybody’s singing about love, right? Rock song, country songs, rap songs, even Christian songs are mostly about love. Everybody wants love. Everybody wants to receive love. Everybody wants to “fall in love.”

Why? Now I haven’t lived for so long and love questions are the hardest to answer but I lived to know that everybody knows that love is good great! Love brings satisfaction.

Yet, in spite of all the songs about love and all the people who crave love and talk about love and dream about love, people still get in fights. They argue with each other. They stop talking to each other. They resent each other. They hurt each other. They hate each other. That moment you are on a “love period”

Love And Hate Source: Internet Image.
Love And Hate
Source: Internet Image.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it? No, especially when you consider all the satisfaction and rewards that come from loving others and all the strife and stress that come from hurting and hating others.

At times on my twitter timeline also known as streets (read: “Stweets”) a couple of friends just choose to show love and care to others and that is when subtweets come through; “The love on these streets though” “Love is in the air” “Relationship goals” and some go ahead and retweet the love birds’ conversation. Like I said love is satisfying. But also at times there are fights on the timeline also known as tweefs. People just choose to hate on each other and yeah! It’s sad and stressing but it happens. By the way if you’ve never seen a tweef and love on your timeline you need to change your followings. Just suggesting, nothing serious!

I don’t have the power and ability to cease hate everywhere, but I simply just want to put a bone  on the table; Imagine a world everyone hates everyone then Imagine a world where everyone loves everyone, which world be the best to live in? You don’t have to answer that.

Remember hate creates emptiness in you and love creates satisfaction in you.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

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