This Is Jay

“Hey,” your best friend calls to you.” I want you to meet somebody.” When you walk over, he says, “This is Jay. He’s new here.” He nods to the person and standing beside him.

You smile and nod at the new kid. “How are you doing?” You say. The new kid nods back. Your friend slaps the new kid on the back. “You should see what this guy can do. He can do five hundred sit-ups-without stopping!”

“Five hundred sit-ups?”  You respond.  Jay shrugs as if it’s no big deal.

“And,” your friend continues, “He can bench-press three hundred pounds!”

“Get outta here” you answer.  Jah just smiles and shrugs. You start to pay to less attention to your friend and more attention to this Jah guy.

“He can jump over seven feet in air from a standing position.”

“oh come on,” you say “I don’t believe tha-“ Suddenly the new kid leaps straight up in air and over your head, landing behind you. You turn around and look at him with undisguised respect.

In that moment your mind is crowded with thoughts asking “what can this new kid not do?”

Fast forward Imagine if you met a “new kid” who could do all those things. How would you respond? You would probably admire that kid, wouldn’t you? After all, anyone who can do five hundred sit-ups and bench-press three hundred pounds is pretty impressive, right?

Source: Internet Image
Source: Internet Image

Allow me get you out of the imagination box; let’s come back to the real world. Many times we meet new people, our friends or family members introduce us to new folks and you wish you met them already, say years ago. Of course not everyone you meet will be pretty impressive to meet but am focusing on those people who you meet and you wonder where they have been hiding all that long!

Recently I went to a camp in Jinja and I can’t really tell it all about the people I met. And surprising the slogan of the camp was “Talk to strangers, dance, have fun and enjoy the festival” and that’s exactly what I did! I kept asking myself; all these wonderful people where have they been hiding? But then it all came back to me; where have I been hiding? There is a long story about that camp but like they say “what happens in Vegas (Read: camp) remains in Vegas (Still read camp).”

It’s a good thing to meet new people every day, no? And personally I do believe if a day goes by and you didn’t meet a new person or learn a thing you didn’t know, that day is almost a waste! Like I said, it is a personal thing kindly feel free to disagree.


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