Story Of My Saturday At Home

Home on a Saturday and you and don’t have a lot of business/work to do anywhere, maybe just video games, reading and eating, you look around and there is a lot laundry to do, By a lot I mean a lot. But then you are lazy and there is a chiller mood because of the weather which is cloudy and promising to rain. You get to your phone, open twitter make a few tweets, see what’s happening in your other followers’ lives, greet them and engage in conversations that interest you. That goes on like for 40 Minutes and you are still scrolling through. Then the stomach makes a breakfast call but you are still lazy to prepare anything, so you call the porridge lady to get you something. (#TeamAlwaysHungry settings)

You still back relax as you wait for the porridge lady to come through. Then a Whatsapp (Read: Green app) message comes through from a friend “how you are” you respond without pretending “am okay, just home; planning to do laundry but lazy” “have you heard of yoza app?” your friend asks.


In your mind you think; this is a joke but curiosity gets the best of and drags you directly to the App store to search for the app. Surprisingly you find out it’s not joke and still on the leash of curiosity you scroll down to check it’s details/description and you definitely get served!

In that mood of surprise and excitement you take screenshots of the search results and share on twitter and on ‘GreenApp’ to your friend who told you about the app “It’s the one” friend endorses. A few moments later the porridge lady delivers and you switch on your breakfast mode. While still on the breakfast arrangement you start getting twitter notifications from ‘tweeps’ that like the app, you reply them and try to tell them what it does, but like any other new user, you know so little. In that moment another twitter mention comes through from Yoza app the guys themselves “Hello, Yoza is a location based laundry service that connects you to people who do laundry” they say, and the conversation goes on

Fast forward, you get a twitter follow from @Yoza_App and you definitely follow back; Messages start to flood your DM and you reply them. A few messages down an offer from them to do your laundry Comes through to just try out their services.


Well that’s the story of my Saturday at home today and laundry is being done!

I’m so grateful for my friend who told me about the yoza app (friends to keep around) and also definitely grateful for the yoza team who gave me an offer to do my laundry for free. Many thanks People many thanks.


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