The Old Kid On The Block

Lately I have been traveling more going places east, central and far away from my home area code. In my traveling mode I recently visited a place next to my home neighborhood. This visit made me wail at every story I heard and at each engagement I had. Yes, you heard me right. I wailed! But am getting a head of myself already, let’s start from the beginning. Shall we?

Many people want to travel, visit tourism sites and much much more, also many times when we travel we (me inclusive) miss the people in the areas/places we visit; asking them what state they are in and how life is? Don’t we? Don’t get me wrong. I mean how many go ahead to interact with the people deeply and ask about life in the places they visit? Leave alone these casual greetings of “hello, how are you doing?” I mean a deeper conversation.

When I got back from a long travel recently, I asked myself in all places I visited “how come I didn’t ask about the state of life of the people I met?” I felt a burden on my chest. I couldn’t rest in the inside, so the next day I woke up, geared up and went directly to a neighborhood nearby to go interact with residents and maybe get stories and facts down from the grass roots. And yes I have that time!

As I entered (Read: Checked into) this village I could notice a number of kids playing in dirty clothes on a school day and time. They were all in the school going age. Curiosity got the best of me and I asked one of the kids who was seated alone in a distance from the others. This young boy told me that he wasn’t doing school because there was on money at home for school! He said this while sad and shy. I felt sad and asked him “how many siblings do you have?” He looked down and counted for some time “Fourteen” he said. I lifted my eyebrows in shock. ”Are you serious?” I asked and I didn’t wait for an answer because his answer was true and honest. I asked him again “Do your siblings go to school?” “Not all, only two go to school, because that’s what the parents can afford.”

I wailed in the inside. This conversation went on and on; at some point deep in my heart and I asked [why give birth to so many children that you can’t take care of you?] See how these children are suffering because of a choice they didn’t make. And I know they aren’t the only ones, they are many more children all over the country and some other parts of the world going through the same situation.

You know what I find confusing some people know exactly what to do but simply do the opposite. I do believe these very parents have heard about contraceptives but just choose to ignore them, no?

I am not a parent as yet, though I know how babies are “made” lack of a better word and I simply just want to suggest; can parents of this sort think or plan for the entire family before making more babies? Because in this day and age where the costs and standard are high, you can’t just make babies “fwaaa” Yes?

Kindly parents doing this, “family planning” is the old kid on the block that you need to say hello to or at least rub shoulders with.

Disclaimer: The conversation between the young boy and I was in a local language, don’t get it twisted.


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