Longing To Meet Her

Back in secondary school there was a girl who I really liked because she was pretty, my “size” and was really well behaved. She was the flower of the school –made many boys’ heads spin all the time she moved around the school campus. I think now you get the picture of the kind of girl am trying to paint here. If yes, that’s awesome. If not, imagine a girl so pretty, humble, smooth skin, kind, an awesome voice and above all very real. For a good flow allow me use “P”as her name.

So P. was in the same class with me and her seat was next to mine, many times I could turn my head and just look at the beauty next to me, a few times she caught me in the act of gazing at her “Joel, what?” she could ask, that’s when I could turn away and mind class business (Read: Pay attention). Of course she always got the message of my gaze. But like many girls, they prefer you saying your mind out and after they zone you in whichever zone they want to, no?

Moving on I always said nothing to her and waited for a moment where I was really ready with my words and more representable [I was skinny and all]. It was third term and I really waited for the term to end; go back home, work out, read novels and get hard dictionary words –to be in shape and knowing to impress P. in just a flash third term ends and I headed home with all those plans and I must confess none of them went as planned. You know how that December chiller mood takes over; you are indoors most times watching movies, playing video games, visit relatives among others.

Long story short the new term comes through and am back to school with a heavy longing to meet P. in my real self no additives (lack of a better word). To my surprise she didn’t turn up for school. I/we waited for her and she didn’t come. Around mid-term news reached school that P. was pregnant. Haa! That was the talk of every group conversation on campus. I cannot express fully how I felt neither can I draw lines of the situation by then for you to understand. This was bad news. In that moment I felt as if I had lost my future, my half and a sense of living and all. It was really bad, for a while I lost appetite for food that day.

Why I am telling you all this? Well last week on Thursday I met P. again, she had changed a lot and it’s understandable it’s been over seven years now. She looked shyly when she recognized me but then I put on a powerful smile just for her. Of course the usual first topic of discussion (Read: Set of questions) where are you now? What are you doing? Where have you been all this long? We talked in and around just answering those questions till when the conversation went deeper into what really happened to her back then in school.

She told me she was raped by a neighbor where they used to stay by then. I lifted eyebrows when I heard that –I knew nothing about what exactly had happened to her. All I knew she was pregnant and she dropped out of school. She then disclosed how she damaged her bladder during deliver and how she nearly died because she was 15 years by then. She paused a bit and hugged her for like 7 seven seconds (she needed it). The conversation went and on and on with my comforting words where necessary and my best levels of listening; I grieved.

In this I simply just want to ask for a favor on behalf of the young girls. Can we let the girls do school?

Hope that’s not too much to ask for, yes?

The leading cause of death for girls 15 to 19 worldwide is not accident or violence or disease; It is complications from pregnancy. – Nancy Gibbs


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