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One Stage Of The Life Cycle

Find someone, fall in love, relate accordingly, maybe marry or cohabit, start a family –get off-springs, they too find others, fall in love and the cycle continues like that. And that is life literally, no? I would love to tackle all the stages of this cycle but no, I am going to focus on one stage of the Life cycle and that is; getting off-springs. Yes! Before you read on, you don’t need to buckle up, its all basic.

So the offspring stage comes through as a result of sex or copulation between a man and woman (lets also consider the laboratory copulation –test tube baby; a baby conceived by in vitro fertilization) what happens after copulation is pregnancy and I guess we all know how long this period is, okay 9 months. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. So, anyway It’s a complex period for both the man responsible and the woman who is about to bear a child.

Many men in this period tend to lose it; care less, find excuses of being home late and other things, this usually happens because they are afraid of the responsibilities that come with being a father, the mood-swings, the random cravings of the expectant mother,  the finances, name it. Keep in mind I didn’t say all men rather many men. Well that’s why some pregnant women either hate more their men or love more their men in this period, in some cases the women feel nothing –neither love nor hate for their men; more of an “equilibrium” zone/feeling lack of a better word.

A few of those factors are the reasons why “many” pregnant women go for antenatal-care1 alone, by the way having a baby without antenatal care is risky –the health of the mother and the baby (read: offspring) are both at danger. In such moments where the man and the woman need to stand together, go together and ensure safe delivery, most men take it cheaply thinking it’s only a woman’s responsibility and task. But hey, this is also the man’s baby, no? Remember the baby is neither for the man nor for the woman but rather for both the man and the woman.

We know the man might be busy, signing deals here and there, putting food on the table and otherwise. But in that busy schedule he should as well make it for at least one or two or all of the  antenatal care sessions, because apparently a pregnant woman is supposed to at least have four antenatal care sessions; one after missing her period, another at 5 or 6 months, another at  7 months and lastly at 8 or 9 months. That’s all.

In my thinking and view, one of the most intimate moments during the pregnancy period is going with your partner for antenatal care; walking together, know the information together, know the medication2 together, smile together and other things together. I might look simple but it creates a powerful bond in the family. Those small things matter a lot especially in love, no?



  • 1. Antenatal care – health care and education provided before, during and after pregnancy to ensure that the mother and the baby are in good health.
  • 2. Medication –certain medication maybe given including Iron tablets to prevent anemia.                     Anti-malaria tablets and an injection to prevent tetanus.

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