The Best Christmas Gift

Someone once said Christmas is the time of the year when people behave the way they should the rest of the year; People became generous or more generous, caring or more caring and many other random acts of kindness. And many people suddenly notice their spiritual being hence go to church on Christmas Day. It still beats my understanding, why only in the festive season does this happen? But anyway I found the norm of the world like this and I might as well leave this world when it’s still the same, no?

Well, this time being a special time of the year, many people give gifts to; loved ones, friends, family, in-laws and strangers. And it always feels good to receive a gift. The first Christmas gift I received was from my parents and I was 8years old by then, they bought me a pair of shoes that had an electric mechanism of lighting when walking in them. Whenever I walked, the shoes could light red in a certain rhythm. I was the happiest kid that day in the whole neighborhood. That day I walked the entire house in those shoes from the living room, to the kitchen, to the dining room to the bedrooms and I actually slept in them. I tell you, those shoes were nothing but the truth. There is another story about those shoes when I went to church with them. Ha! But that will be another story for another day.

Over the years Christmas being a time to give and receive as well, personally I have given gifts to friends, family and strangers. Some of these gifts I made them with my hands, some I took a lot of thought while picking them, some were just perfect to the receiver and some were not really perfect and some gifts I saved a lot to buy them. There is a feeling of satisfaction that takes over your soul when you see someone smile and joyful because of a gift you gave to this person. If you have never experienced this feeling when you gave a gift, well it could be you didn’t it wrongly or you’re doing it wrong.

Just take a moment and think about the best gift you’ve ever given to someone or the best gift you’ve ever got. Was it a car, a toy, a video game, jewelry, a craft, an electronic device, a book, mention it

Believe it or not the best Christmas gift you’ve ever been given wasn’t a toy or a game or an article of clothing. On the first Christmas morning centuries ago, God gave you a gift that cost more than all the money in the world. He could have gotten off cheaper by wrapping up the stars and the planets and dropping them on your doorstep. He could have economized by sweeping all the gold and the diamonds in the world in a pile to your front yard. But he didn’t. He gave you the most generous gift that’s ever been given: Jesus, his Son.

Two things we learn from God’s generosity;

  1. He showed you that he loves you more than you can imagine.
  2. He showed that he is a generous, extravagant God. He will spare no cost to save you. He will endure any pain to give you eternal life.

So this leaves a question; what’s the best gift you could give to a God like that?

In my thinking the best Christmas gift you could ever give God is; your love, your thanks, your worship, your devotion, your life.

Phototastic-12_22_2015_c4950599-7dba-446a-9a1f-37a9faf1563b(1)Photo Credit: @AshelyJulie 


Merry Christmas people 


11 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gift

  1. So you see I have really been scratching my head to figure out what to write. I may just reblog this &call it a day
    Seriously though Christmas can get over run by events e.g shopping & eating ourselves into a stupor so thank you for the reminder of why we celebrate in the 1st place..
    Am also auditioning to be your groupie…
    Also I don’t remember the best gift I have ever got. ..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am.just doing the same… Reblog and call it a day, the bells are calling the joy and the generosity.

      😉 But here I am, the kind that has never been given a gift nor given one on Christmas. My family ain’t ancient but they are realists. Gifts come on your birthday, Christmas is the day we look back at all we did during the year, we tell stories, we eat and drink, we feed some of our neighbours, and just be happy in the moment.

      Yes, Christmas is special.

      Liked by 2 people

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