Your Thoughts On What You Are Watching?

In my childhood my parents especially my mother, used to be very cautious on what we watched on television –We actually had TV Rules. Be it action movies, adventures, Horror movies and she was more protective on love story movies, though she used not to mind we watching comedy and cartoons movies , because by then movies in this category were clean and rated General for all audience [G].

Source: Internet pictures

I remember there was a day she found us watching a certain movie I don’t remember the title but it was a love story, she first kept calm and watched with us, then when a sex scene drop on, she stood up at once, switched off the television set and told us to go play and those who had homework were told to go finish their homework. In some others cases she could tell us to go fetch/bring something for her as the sex scene played on or was fast forwarded.

In this kind of home, our childhood was set and destined to only watching comedy movies and cartoons but most especially cartoons. We watched cartoons day in and day out; In those days cartoon network was the real deal, then samurai X, Ghost Busters, Godzilla, G.I Joe, wild cats, Penguin (Read: Pingu), Sesame street and Power Rangers. Whenever she found us watching such, her heart was at peace and well! She knew we were in good hands and totally safe.

cartoon network characters, source: Internet

By the way cartoons taught me and my siblings a lot; cartoons were and are still a platform to learn from. I can testify – there are so many things and techniques I learnt from cartoons I watched.

* * *

Fast forward to today, I still watch cartoons, yes! *palm face* Allow me ask, do you know that many things are learnt from what we see, hear and touch? Let us focus on what we see/watch –let us narrow that down to videos.  If you are very observant you should know by now most of the series, movies or music videos are trying to tell/send a message to our generation and the next generation(s) to come. If you have watched a number of series and movies; you could have realized that non-humans (Zombies, Vampires, wolves and other creatures) can relate(fall in love) with humans am talking about vampire diaries, walking dead, teen wolf, twilight, the originals, east witch the list isreally long but allow me stop at that. How about the gay couples in almost every series recently; Scandal, Empire, Gossip girl, Modern Family, 90210 and for this list; it is really a long one it can be a blog on its own, just the list.

Let us drift back to the cartoons, more emphasis on the cartoons being produced recently –If you are a cartoon lover, you could at least have watched cartoons; kiss, have sex and use corrosive language, I mean Boondocks here. How about cartoons where non-humans relate with humans, I am talking about Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2. Well, how about cartoons that have a gay couple? Clarence is one of them, oh! There is also Steven Universe. By the way all these cartoons that I have mentioned and others I haven’t mentioned are very entertaining and fun to watch. But like I said, there is always a message being sent to the target audience –for the cartoons, the target audience; Mainly children, few youths and adults, No?

The message from those categories of cartoons I have mentioned is simply this; it is okay to be gay, it is okay to use corrosive language, it is okay to fall in love with non-humans, as a kid it is okay to kiss and have sex. Literally we should tolerate and accept certain things and norms into our society irrespective of our morals, spiritual beliefs and cultural standards, Right? Personally I know at all levels, this is wrong and our next generations are heading to where I cannot even imagine! It is that bad.

So the question is; what can we do to save and shape our generation and next generation(s)? Kindly share your thoughts with the rest of the world by commenting on the blog.


34 thoughts on “Your Thoughts On What You Are Watching?

  1. It is very worrying when you carefully consider the themes that most of the popular TV series today carry. It is degrading values like morality and our society is flooded with its repercussions like increased levels of divorce, abortion and chaos. Parents should be more vigilant about what their kids are watching and also take time to talk to them regularly.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Much appreciated, I just want to echo what you said “Parents should be move vigilant about what their kids are watching” alright. what about the adults and youths? should we assume that, they are covered already?


      1. No, but I believe that the foundation is set right, it would help tremendously. Supervising the adults would be more difficult since they are more likely to be living by themselves or with friends. But if they are brought up to know right and wrong concerning this issue, it would help.

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  2. You have mentioned my childhood cartoon buddies, we were really close. I also learnt a lot from them.

    Now to the issue you are tackling, I took my power back of deciding what I was to watch on my own TV set in 2013. I decide what i want to watch, when it plays and why, plus for whom. With this system I hope to have gained enough control to do the same for my children. Also I have found other things I can do than watching Tv.

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    1. Hello Patricia, thanks for the feedback, so your thought is that everyone should take power in deciding what to watch? literally this could save our generation and the next generation(s), alright!
      This is a great insight from kahill insights, Again thanks for the comment, much appreciated.

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  3. Lucky for me TV for the longest time was a luxury we couldn’t afford
    And when we did *Rutamirika* (Western TV show) was on the daily menu… (Runs and hides her face )
    So when I finally heard the opportunity to watch some real TV I did 0 sieving and boy did I land in serious trouble…
    I watched every TV series ever created very naive of the consequences until one day I realized I had traded my relationship with God and people for a seat on the couch..
    I guess it all comes down to discipline and self control which are all in great quantity thanks to
    the ever so present help of the Holy Spirit
    I still watch every once in a while but am super careful because I know the repercussions are cr azy and it should be every one’s goal to avoukd

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    1. Ha! I can’t really relate to you childhood but at least I can try to imagine through the words you said! Thank you for the spiritual and moral Insight in your feedback. I really appreciate


    1. hahaha you had to disclose your stalker hide out for the entire world to see, mehn you are bold! but alright, thanks I guess! meanwhile some cartoons are really cool you should try them some day! I endorse the last Air bender. at least watch that one!

      I will be on the other side waiting for feedback. *winks


    1. eh! that’s some serious rule! but alright. wait, but you know every other day better cartoons are produced. I mean clean cartoons, just saying. but this is a great insight for the next generation. Thanks You for the feedback, I really appreciate.


  4. Eh boss, your thoughts are real. I think ours is to save the next generation because adults can clearly make their own minds up. But also, it is so much easier to mold the next generation especially at their core years of mindset building. Our generation must take it upon ourselves to put our foot down and be deliberate about what we watch because whether we want it or not it does affect us. Sometimes even more than we think. It’s appalling when you watch things that should affect you but they really just don’t. I started watching How to get away with murder and much as the plot was my genre, I couldn’t go past the second episode. It felt like they were forcing an agenda down my throat.

    Ultimately, the future of the next generation is up to us because the ripple effect of what we watch can be disastrous and affect our lifestyles in ways that are beyond us.

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  5. Now this is legit… Very soon, these themes are going to creep into the super hero universe… Just wait and see.

    Growing up – PG 18 Meant PG 18. Even 18 did not cut it. If you were not over 18, you would not watch it. Heck, my parents used to keep the TV in their room… and there only 3 TV stations back then!

    I am with Jemimah, as a rule, they will watch what I watched… but now the challenge comes with external influence. Other 6 year olds whose parents let them watch How To Get Away With Murder.

    What are we to do!!

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  6. That’d very thoughtful. It’s one thing a couple of my friends and I discuss often. Probably quite biased but I view this from its spiritual and moral perspectives. As josephyna said, upbringing with Christian truth underlying every TV rule made is important. It’d the truth that sets free. And the kids especially won’t feel like they’re freedom is being snatched. Then the supervision should be tight.

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  7. In my opinion it takes discipline at individual level/home and this can only work with the orientation of each home cuz the truth is even the G movies in my humble opinion are so not G. We need more people investing in real movies and getting a global recognition so that we can not only save the eyes of the future generation but also their destinies

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  8. ‘m not much of a cartoon person, even as a kid, I missed out on great cartoons like Lion King and errm… many others. So what did I watch? Don’t even ask. Haha!

    To the crux of this post, I agree with you… everything in this time and day holds a strong revelation that this decay and rot has come to stay… so what do we do? As would-be-parents, I think it’s high time we realised that the techniques of taking our children away from the worldly things and preaching against it are fast waning– and maybe now, it is time to protect our children by embracing what we are dealt with, and informing them of these ills by talking to them about it without reservations and inculcating in them a habit of sharing their concerns with us as well. There seems to be no more hiding space, or refuge– even if a parent says not to watch a particular movie and puts all the controls in place at home, what happens at school? What do the other children do? What do the teachers portray? The rot is everywhere! So again, I think it is the time to re-strategize, talk about these things to our children, maybe even share our experiences; rather than shy away from them. Don’t just tell them what not to do, tell them why not to do it or why it’s not the appropriate time to do it yet, and suggest better things to do maybe… more, talk to and with them. Always. About everything. From cradle to adulthood.

    #sigh, it’s well! Nice post.

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    1. Hahaa what did you watch in childhood? I am interested in knowing. anyway about protecting our children in the different talks and strategies, that is a nice insight! Thanks for the feedback and passing by.

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  9. Looool i enjoyed a lot of cartoons growing up. It actually formed my character the sarcastic person I am today. Lool Go Team Animations!

    That said.. I don’t agree with most of what you said. Not all cartoons are educational and kids worthy. See American dad. One of the best. Totally kids worthy G rated, but then there is Family guy and Southpark.. those are hardly PG. They use obscene anf derogatory languages all the time and FamIily guy abuses Christianity. Doesn’t mean i dont have the 16seasons and havent watched it back and forth multiple times

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    1. LOL… Thanks for passing by, about the issue you just mentioned, I too didn’t say ALL cartoons rather the categories I mention do. If you give it a deep thought! Again thanks for passing by and the feedback. .. Much much appreciated!

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