On The Dying Empty Arrangement

Today I host a guest on my blog; a stranger to many, a friend to many but a close friend to me –not the friend zone kind of friendship though. I must say I like her writing style, her currently life plans and passions. Meanwhile let us jump into what she has to say already, shall we?

Time check: it’s a few minutes to midnight; I’ve been watching The Originals since 11:00am. No, you didn’t read that wrong! Well, I actually woke up at 10:00am, said a prayer, cleaned up, had breakfast, you know how it goes! So at 11:00am, with my PC set and a quick snack by my side, I pressed the Windows Media Player play button and gave myself away to Julie Plec and whatever she had to offer after some voice said “previously on The Originals”. I actually took time off, while I was watching yet another series, to convert the videos so I could use Windows Media Player and not VLC because apparently the latter causes some serious damage to speakers.

Anyway, this is not the first time it’s happening. The thing is, that’s what I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before the day before, feel free to take it as far back as you want. If I was not in class, which is on average 10am-3pm, I was in my room either watching lives of people who have already ‘made it’, or sleeping, or eating, once in a while read a book, rarely visit a friend AND spend a great deal of time glued to my PC screen following events on social media.

Oh yes, I did think about my life, actually quite a lot, especially during those moments when my eyes begged for just one more episode and my mind lost governance to the hands as I clicked next. My mind was always defeated after I got convinced that that would be the last time it happened, the cycle continued though.

Well, that was a year ago! My days are different now. Something happened amidst the so many things that were taking place that changed my life. No, don’t wait for the part where I lose my parents or get involved in an accident, maaso kulutimbe. This is what happened: I met people, or people met me! Yes, just that! People I should be asking, “Ninja, where have you been all my life?”

new people
Ninja, where have you been all my life? Photo credit: Google Images

“One day, you will just be a memory to some people, do your best to be a good one” – Unknown


You see, my Creator has imparted a number of gifts, talents and abilities on me, not to brag. Actually, I cannot brag because these were not given me for me as I’ve come to learn. I knew I had them, I even tried to enhance some but I was ‘sitting on them’. So these people I met saw the treasure I was and slowly but surely called out the Pauline in me, I wonder, though, if they knew that they were doing so. Nonetheless, the rest is history.

Of course, I look back and think of the time I lost doing things that were not profitable, seeing that all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify! I can only console myself with the saying that: we shan’t cry over split milk.

I ponder about the several people my age or even younger, who discovered who they are and I am tempted to wish I were them. I also think about those my age or older who do not know their purpose and I weep. I’m only grateful to God for my people and that my grave will not be counted among the many that still contain treasure, untapped potential which was to be left on earth. Just like the Nile flows and pours all its waters into the Mediterranean Sea, I must die empty! So here’s to the new me!

 “Don’t die old, die empty. That’s the goal of life. Go to the cemetery and disappoint the graveyard.” -Myles Munroe


That’s all my guest had to say, ooh her name: Pauline Kahubire @Pauline_kahu


18 thoughts on “On The Dying Empty Arrangement

  1. Awesome stuff..
    I was the girl who watched series from daybreak to daybreak and ooh the liberation breaking that bad habit brought…
    How amazing it is to read an authentic piece about something I have overcome…
    (*sings Trip Lee’s sweet victory and heads for an overnight *)

    Joel Jjemba thank you for hosting her on your blog
    Also there is something that Xhosa girl Sinawo wants you to see 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for passing by and the feedback, good to know you could relate to her story. . . Pray for me in the overnight you are heading to.
      About the Xhosa girl, Kindly tell her, my eyes are more than ready to see what she wants me to see.

      Liked by 1 person

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