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You Mean You Didn’t Hear?

The year is 2016 in the month of February the day is 17th the weather is sunny with a clear blue sky and there is no chance of rain. It’s also the last day to presidential elections of Uganda, the elections that determine the future of the country. Many people are travelling to the village to go locate they polling stations also a number of business enterprises and organizations are working half day to enable the employees to prepare for the big day coming.

In many conversations around the country everyone is talking about the elections –everyone is trying to defend and speak well for his/her best candidate. In a taxi heading to Nakawa, Banda, Kireka, Seeta, Mukono a lady in deep thought sits in silence and gazes through the window at everything that her sight catches. At the back seat of the taxi Emma in a checked shirt, blue jeans and shabby hair and James in a red long sleeved shirt tucked in on a black gentle trouser are having a conversation though Emma is not well informed about politics and current affairs of the country and James is dominating the conversation while Emma replies with short responses of yes, no, okay and of course to keep the conversation going.

In course of the conversation James asks “Emma, are you fasting for the country?” without waiting for another heartbeat Emma responds with a question “what fasting?” James lifts his eyebrows in shock that Emma did not know about the fasting one of the presidential candidates Benon Biraaro had called on for the fellow countrymen to join him “you mean you did not hear what General Biraaro said on the last presidential debate?” Emma did not know though he decides to pretend he did “I heard him, but why should I fast for this country really?”


It being a Wednesday, Liz and her two friends are in a small Christian gathering called cell. Edgar in skinny jeans and a fitting shirt is sharing about prayer. Liz and her two friends are gesturing about Edgar’s intelligence and handsomeness.  “There are two major reasons why we should pray” he says “One, for revelation, a man that needs revelation needs to pray. Then two, for purpose; before purpose is revealed prayer is meaningless, also remember everybody has a purpose though if you pray less you purpose will delay” he continues to share. All through Edgar’s sharing Liz is looking at his lips and marvels at every word that comes out.

The cell is closing in the few moments. Isaac, the host of the cell requests everyone to hold the hand of someone next to them and pray for the country, “pray like you have never prayed before, pray because the future of our country depends on it” He says. “Start praying, do not wait for a song of worship or praise, just pray” he continues. In just a flash everyone is praying some are kneeling and crying some are speaking tongues already.  Cell is closed, Liz tells her friend that she going over to say hi to Edgar. Her friends smile because they know her well and her intentions. “Send our greetings to him as well” they say.


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