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The Excitement

The most exciting moments of a new relationship you need no one else, if you have been in a relationship or maybe you are in one, you can bear me witness –you and your partner are actually against the world, I mean everyone else is so stupid. In a new relationship you are always fighting for fun, I mean the pillow fights and all those popcorn fights. (Disclaimer: This applies to those who have pillows and can fight with popcorn and not see it as waste of food and resources respectively)

Moving on, in a new relationship your partner sings for you a lullaby from your/their childhood as you lay on their lap and listen, you don’t need to have an angelic voice to sing to them – you just sing and that’s all that matters.

holding hands
A couple holding hands. Photo credit: Internet Images

In a new relationship you hold hands because there is something about their hands and you always find a way of fitting yours into theirs. You are eager to know about your their practical life before you came on the scene. You notice how sexy they look in an old t-shirt. You hang out together all the time. You see pictures how they looked in the past in their childhood and laugh or comment accordingly with love.

The most exciting moment in at least every new relationship are the names you give each; sweet ‘kamonde’, sweet baibe, sugar, booboo, moomoo, sweet darling and many more (feel free to add more in the comment section). Still in the new relationship every fantasy can be shared even the far out ones. Things get really interesting when you get into their passions –say football, writing, swimming, travelling, photography and others.

In the world you need only them I mean living on a bench would be OK so long as they were with you. And in this generation you are always talking to each other even past 2am, you are chatting. When they tell you bad and horrible stuff in their past you cry for what they had to go through. (Though ‘some’ guys don’t cry) My most favorite moment in a new relationship is pigging out together –All junk food tastes better and no one is concerned about how unhealthy it is.

The most exciting thing about a new relationship is not so much that it’s them; it’s that It’s new.

Enjoy it – it lasts (about) six months


47 thoughts on “The Excitement

  1. 6months ke? new love doesn’t stay that long haba. 2/3months it’s still lovey dovey and stuffs, after that it just becomes pretty normal because they are past the adventurous basic getting-to-know phase

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    1. Some people are actually saying six months is way to far. anyway thing is I said ‘about’ six months, literally it can be more or less. . .

      Thanks for the visit, It’s my first time to see you in my world precisely the ‘comment section’
      I am thrilled by your visit, kindly visit again and again.

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  2. Subtle Royalttttttttyyyyyyyy…
    Where are you? Joel Jjemba hey turned Doctor Love on us again,

    “This applies to those who have pillows and can fight with popcorn and not see it as a waste of food and resources respectively ”

    But the line is so Ugandan.. 😂

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    1. It can happen though, be sure one of the parties is done and maybe he/she is playing a fair game on the other, say trying to fake it but really excited as he/she was at first. . . that kind of arrangement!

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