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I Still Play For The Team

A friend once told me, food and events will be the death of me, I laughed about it! This statement occupied my mind after an incidence in my life a couple of months back. But I am getting ahead of myself; let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I was at an event just next to home; literally I knew most of the guests, the host and definitely the organizers. Fast forward to the meals time, among the organizers there was this lady I knew so much and she was manning the chicken saucepan at the table, chicken being my favorite sauce, I approached her with a deep smile from the inside, she responded with an act of kindness; she dropped two heavy pieces of chicken to my plate and that wasn’t all she scooped two spouts of chicken cream soup making it a point to give me all the cream of the chicken. After her service my legit smile said thank you to her. I settled and had my oily cream meal with joy and satisfaction.

The next day in the morning before breakfast I noticed I had nausea and I started throwing up, I tried eating something though my digestive system repelled everything. In that moment I thought if I was a female maybe I was pregnant but then I am a straight male, and it could be worms because I had recently dewormed myself then it occurred to me at once the food I had had the previous day was too oily!

In just a flash I rushed to the medical center explained my situation, the doctor did a checkup and prescribed the medication I needed and advised me to keep oils and fats away from my digestive system, I lifted my eyebrows in shock, “How am I supposed to keep away from oils and fats?” I asked, He looked at me and said “your system is weak Ssebo! You need to give it sometime to stabilize then you can resume the oily foods…” without letting him finish I interrupted “by sometime you mean hours, days or?” He responded “that will depend on the impairment the oils did to your system, though it might be weeks or a couple of months” with a lot of despair I grabbed the medication I went home.

On my way home I reflected a lot about healthy eating; what it means and how to apply it in play of my current situation. The digestive being picky couldn’t tolerate beef, cheese, butter, Rolexes the lists ends on Groundnuts. This is the reality I had to face and I am still actually facing, vegetable and beans topped the table of preference irrespective of my yearning for meat and other oily food stuff. That makes me a vegetarian, actually I was born vegetarian but due to the patterns of the world and the amazing family I was groomed in, mehn I don’t know how I turned to the shift. All I remember I was 10 years and I was learning beef because I had allergies for beef and ghee. I guess things were supposed to remain un-altered!

Irrespective of the picky digestive system here, I am still playing for the team #TeamAlwaysHungry though for healthy foods only.

WP_20150924_014 (2)
Healthy food, 0.2% oil content.

Healthy eating leads to a healthy life, yes? I don’t know when my system will recover completely, though I have a plan on staying on this eating arrangement even after recovery.  I need a healthy life!

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you –Joyce Meyer


23 thoughts on “I Still Play For The Team

    1. I pray that Lord makes you uncomfortable whenever you are taking a piece of meat, even at smell of meat and unhealthy foods may you feel out of place and disconnected from the inside. . . . my my my!

      If you believe this and you want it to happen to you say amen!

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      1. Hahaha… You think Easter is far away? I will wait for your Amen patiently and still in the spirit of prayer. . . Praying for you to see the light even right now..

        *goes to prayer room*

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