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The Love Stick

In my high school days, there was this widespread notion about how cool any guy would feel when they had the ability to vibe any girl in the shortest time possible. This even went further as guys would place bets on given well known “hard to get” girls around the school campus. And trust me, you, we had a number of them. Among the many there was a girl, Pamela – she possessed the beauty and character of a princess; she was the school flower in other words and was our representative in many occasions that involved visiting other schools. Literally, we were covered whenever the boys of the host schools asked, “Where are the beauties of your school” she was always there!

Among the many boys that wanted to vibe Pamela, was this friend of mine –Derrick, to be honest; he wasn’t a step closer to the league of this girl. He was humble though petrified. Derrick didn’t really love to mingle in many social events, not because of the money, but the confidence to stand out and approach a girl, even with the clearest of intentions, it was a no go area. He looked for ways on how to start his vibe on the girl but all in vain.

At one market day, he headed out of the school premises in the evening to buy new necessities of school life, while he was at it, he overheard a traditional medicine man selling a love charm stick that could grant anyone the power of love over someone –a love spell over anyone you could desire was in this one ‘Love Charm Stick’. The desperate friend went ahead and bought the love charm stick, the medicine man told him in order for the stick do wonders, he had to press on the stick as he stirred up a conversation with someone he desired to love and that was all!

The charm love stick Photo Credit: Internet Images

Coming back to school, he had to share this unbelievable but true treasure he had discovered, and that was the story all over the boys dormitory the whole evening, in the night preps he gave it to his friend, Ronald to go try it out. Ronald the previous days had issues in his relationship and wanted something to redeem his relationship. He took the love charm stick and it did wonders for him that night. When Ronald shared his experience with the stick, it gave Derrick more confidence to go conquer his fears and own territories in love.

On the break of dawn, Derrick was already up ironing and preparing for the big day it was yet to be! He had this rare smile he only wore on visitation days. Fast forward to break time, he spotted Pamela heading to the school canteen; he dashed and stopped her on the way, while pressing on the stick he asked if she would meet with him in the evening later that day, and surprisingly Pamela accepted with a smile. With the excitement and confidence he said “alright, I will see you in the evening” and walked away.

In class from my view I saw Derrick constantly checking his watch, he was on the edge of apprehension; he couldn’t wait for the classes to end. Later at dusk after class he stood under a tree and waited for Pamela as earlier agreed, a few minutes later Pamela showed up as he walked towards him, Derrick wanted to bolt out, but as thoughts of bolting out flooded him his mind, he pressed hard on the stick and he stayed there with confidence and esteem. According to the report he gave in the dormitory that evening, the relationship had just got a kick start.

A couple of weeks Derrick and Pamela kept on meeting, talking doing things together and at no meet did Derrick forget to carry his Love charm stick, actually this very stick was doing wonders for many boys in the dormitory, many used it to revive relationships and also kick start new ones, until when Kenneth broke the stick accidentally as he pressed on it under pressure next to Miriam –another school flower.

When Derrick got the news about the stick, he wailed, wept, mourned and cursed the day he gave it out to other boys. He was devastated and angry, to make matters worse the medicine man from whom he had got the stick from was just passing through the market, literally he had no permanent address. In this moment, Derrick knew he was doomed and the relationship was bound to end.

Later that evening Derrick and Pamela had to meet, Pamela right now was in love with Derrick, excited and sold out for him. When they met, Pamela stirred up most of the conversation as Derrick seemed to lose focus all through the meeting. The good thing was Pamela was still in love with him, though Derrick had lost confidence and esteem to stir up conversations with the beautiful princess.

I personally didn’t use the stick irrespective of the many chances I was offered by my friend; simply because I was a scientist didn’t believe in the love charm stick. The stick didn’t really possess magical powers, all it bequeathed to the user was confidence and esteem from within when he pressed on it, It was logical that most girls (the girls in the school I was in) wanted boys who were confident and bold enough to speak up! Because confidence and self-esteem are very vital quality for any boy/man to have, yes?

“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life” ~ Marcus Garvey



43 thoughts on “The Love Stick

  1. Hahha! This resonates! And nothing irks a lady more than a man who doesn’t know how to say what exactly he wants.

    I appreciate your perspective on the issue. Thank you for sharing. Gave me some good laughs 😂😂!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know those movies that have part II but you have to wait for a whole year or more to watch the next part? This could be that kind of blog, hehehe
      Thanks for passing by Brenda!


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