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Ggaba At Sunrise

Ggaba is a small suburb (used to be a fishing village) located in Kampala, Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has a relatively flat topography which is in opposition to its neighboring suburbs of Buziga and Kiruddu. It has a population largely comprised of Baganda, followed by other tribes such as Basoga, Banyakole, Bakiga, Batooro, Basigu, Luos as well as other nationals from Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.

Ggaba is a very busy town with various economic activities, mainly fishing is practiced as a source of income to fishermen, which expands business to fish mongers. Ggaba market and other business spots exercise other numerous business –retail and wholesale shops, carpentry and welding workshops, Restaurants, bars, lodges and three beach resorts namely; KK beach Resort, Ggaba Beach and The Beach House.

With Ggaba’s nearness to the Lake, Ggaba experiences a convectional rainfall year in, year out which conveys a favorable climate to the residents, because of weather settings farming in plants such as beans, peas, and maize is practiced. Plants with high affinity for water, such as yams and eucalyptus are cultivated near the shores.

The vegetation cover in the form of trees and swamps is something not to forget about this beautiful place, Ggaba. Though what is more beautiful is the lake view of Lake Victoria at Ggaba, especially at the sunrise. The best sunrise views happen at around 06:45 GMT+3, depending on the cloud cover and weather condition. Here are some of the shots taken at sunrise on different days and at different lake views in Ggaba;

Two fishermen rolling their boat at the break of dawn, taken at the shores
Taken from the market area next to the shores, the sun was hiding in the clouds.


Taken at the  shores, the reflection on the water is orange-ish
Taken at the boat-making carpentry workshop uphill
Taken at the Beach Management Unit at Ggaba Landing site.
Taken from a good distance from the lake shore.

I want to appreciate Emmanuel Kasomi who helped me in putting together this piece, Thanks man.




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