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Steal The Show With A Twist

The events that I personally enjoy and cherish the most are the events that involve food, say; breakfast meetings, dinner outings, lunch meetings. It’s an inbuilt setting from my Genetics codes I think, I love food and events, and literally putting up an event that has lots of food, you definitely have my undivided attention and assured attendance.

Rule 1: Upon receiving an invite or a memo to an event that involves a lot of food, first and foremost clear all your schedules of that day and give that event first priority then secondly put aside some money to use.

In the month of May 2016 I saw tweet of an upcoming event scheduled for April 24th in that kind of setting –a lot of food. Like my norm, I marked the calendar and after did exactly as Rule 1 above said.

WP_20160426_010 (3)
A calendar marked with Events.

Fast forward to the day, it was an easy Sunday morning till when the clouds decided to pour thy waters –rain. “No no no no no no!” I said to myself as I shook my head slowly rhyming with my tone. I didn’t plan to ware, boots and trousers because when it rains the ground is soggy and weather doesn’t favor certain outfits – shorts (My thinking). In that panic I checked my timeline to see what was happening on ground, then I saw a tweet from Brenda saying; “The rain won’t bring us down, still getting ready for Tokosa.” that was all I needed to kick start my preparations on that day.

A tweet that kick started my preparations

Rule 2: Never underestimate the power of social media (Even if it is one post)

As I prepared, I made lots and lots of wishes, and one of them was; “I wish a rainmaker could stop this rain” and boom my wish was granted. I don’t remember thanking the rainmaker, but then hey, here you go “Rainmaker, thank you for stopping the rain, otherwise it could have rained the whole day.” So after the rain had completely stopped and sun was out for sure, I made my way to the venue, like many people do, I searched for the usual suspects and friends that had already graced their presence at the event.

Rule 3: When attending a social event, always come a bit later than your friends –steal the show (all the eyes on you) and also you will make informed choices of where to find what and the other.

This was a foods’ event and my expectations were; anywhere I could turn I should be able to see food or a waiter/waitress serving/distributing food, to my surprise, everywhere I could turn I saw waitress dressed in yellow and blue, serving club twist –a lemonade drink. Club twist was everywhere I could turn. Those ninjas, stole the show and I know they made their mark.

WP_20160424_012 (2)
Like I said everywhere, even on the ground there was a club twist bucket.

Meanwhile, as the event closed, there was a dance battle between me and my friend (Aftermath of too much food and drinks) a serious battle by the way, though it wasn’t brought to finish, we shall have a season finale soon.

Right there, 3 rules that you should think about if you want to steal a show with a twist any day anywhere. *winks*


26 thoughts on “Steal The Show With A Twist

  1. Only few people understand this food craze thing I have😂 because I have to hide it because I should be a “lady”😂😭 its not fair! Your rules won’t even help me.. because I’ll just be acting proper and civil and annoying and coordinated and trying not to get anything to stain my dress😭😭

    Im hopeless at food events. Please cry for me Argentina 😭


    1. *cries*
      Meanwhile keep on acting properly, civilly, annoyingly, coordinately and try not to get any stains on your dress.
      LOL. .
      Oh by the way, now I am among those few people that understand your craze for food. It is okay my friend it’s okay.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg!!!!!!!!
    I am so glad that i tweeted . it was to all food fans that understand these cravings…and really appreciate that you(like me) have their physical appearance not in line with appetite. (Welcome to the club)
    Anywaaaaaay….as for the lady perspective….starting a food revolution to change those standards and guidelines set. Nothing should come between me and my food

    Liked by 1 person

  3. But JJ, I what does a girl have to do to be asked to tag along for food events..
    Anywhos how many club twists did you take?
    Nice read pretty hilarious too..
    PS. Sharing is caring, invite me next time 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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