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Dying To Read The Policy

Me and events though! But anyway, I will be fine, thank you thank you. . . I was at an event, where policy makers and implementers met to discuss the Adolescent Health Policy and its implementation. Did I just rhyme in that sentence? No. So I was saying, the discussion was a #Share1011 kind of arrangement and anyone could ask any question(s) or suggest anything about the policy, I mean what is a discussion without questions, suggestions and appeals?

I know some of you are already asking what and where is this policy this ninja is talking about, no? Keep Calm and keep reading I got your back.

This is what one of the panelists had to say, but hey, we can change this, no?

While at the event, I was dying to look at and read the policy (The reader guy in me couldn’t relax without reading the whole policy and no, not all Ugandans hate reading) and I asked a friend who had it already to send it to me, of course I thanked him there and then because I am always grateful whenever I get something to read, always.

After reading the whole policy, mehn! My mind started to chatter “impressive, this is nice, how about if all adolescents knew about this policy?” Then it hit me right between my eyes, how about I share this on my Google drive and whole public can access it any day any time? Sharing is caring, no?

By the way it may not be of use to you personally (You, who is not an adolescent) though it might be very useful to at least your younger  sister, brother, nephew, niece, neighbor’s kids, or maybe you are a father or a mother and you are fraught about passing on issues of reproductive health, sexuality and drug abuse to your children, how about you look at or read this policy? Or even download it and give them to read, trust me you, they will love you the more. So here is the thing, help them make informed choices for life and at the end we all benefit, no?

Click on the drive link whenever you are ready, here >> The Adolescent Health Policy

Oh, by the way, you could as well add me to your circles on Google+ to see what you are up to and also to see what is happening in my world. *winks*


  1. Share101 responds to the growing need to have a platform that brings together individuals and organizations passionate about sharing ideas on reproductive health. The inaugural one focused on media and sought to engage health and youth bloggers, journalists and reporters so as to increase awareness on reproductive health issues and reporting in the media.

12 thoughts on “Dying To Read The Policy

  1. Your blog posts makes me feel like a Ugandan already. My second nationality, yes? And seriously nice work. Sharing information like this is needed for our modern day societies.

    Liked by 1 person

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