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A Rolex In A Kikomando

Yesterday but one in Uganda we were celebrating the Ugandan Rolex1, we were appreciating the different types of Rolexes, the people who make them and the heritage it brings back to our country, Uganda. All through the day, a few friends of mine ate Rolexes and I couldn’t, because I was tied down at the office, I couldn’t leave before completing a few tasks. All day, I was craving a Rolex.

A sliced Ugandan Rolex, .

Later in the evening at around 8:00pm I headed to the Rolex stall, I found the Rolex guy packing ‘Kikomando2’ for another customer and I placed in my order as well. “I need a Rolex; one chapati, two eggs, a lot of onions, oh! The tomatoes and cabbage, fry them with the eggs mixed.” He got two eggs right away and started.

As I waited, I got out my phone and opened the swarm app and I checked in, while at it another customer came through on the same Rolex stall and said, “Baba3, do it as you usual; a Rolex and Kikomando together” I lifted my eyebrows in shock “wait, you mean you can do a Rolex and Kikomando all together?” I asked the Rolex guy. “Yes, that is possible, in your preference and quantity” he replied while shrugging. “Get out of town” I said, in my mind.

At the moment, Curiosity had kicked in, and I was all in for this Combination of the Rolex and a Kikomando. Which was partly the blame on the persuasive marketing skills of the Rolex guy, He made this combination seem like a must try combination. “Alright, do that combination for me as well,” I said. In just a flash it was ready, I paid the Rolex guy and headed home.

A Rolex in a Kikomando

I got home, sliced the avocado placed it on top of the Combination which was now on the plate, then spiced it up with a lot of pepper to disguise the oil –which my digestion system doesn’t work well with currently. I started eating and it was actually tasty and yummy. I was already satisfied half-way through with this meal, yet the mouth still wanted more but the stomach had  had its share already.

Because I am on #TeamAlwaysHungry I persisted and ate up more, and I was now three quarters done, then I heard a knock on the door, and just before I answered, my young nephew come in. His eyes landed on the plate of food, and without letting another heartbeat, he asked, “Uncle Joel, what is that, you are eating?” I looked at the plate and responded “ah, this is a Rolex and a Kikomando combined,” he looked a bit jumbled and he asked again

“Is it tasty?”

“Yes, it is very tasty actually”

“Can I try it?”

“Ha, I have put in a lot of pepper in it, I doubt if you can handle it”

“Pepper? I can handle it”

“No, no, no, you can’t do this kind of pepper, you are still young?”

“Please Uncle Joel, please. . .”

This boy is just 6 years old and he was all pleading and begging for this delicious combination that had pepper. I tried to explain to him and he declined, so finally I gave him to eat. In silence and from a side eye I was watching him negotiating the pepper. Out of curiosity, I asked him “How is it?” “It is tasty” he responded after swallowing hard and he carried on.

After a few folks he asked me while sneezing “Uncle Joel, Why are tears coming out of my eyes?” I looked down and laughed so hard in silence as I thought about what to tell him. In that very moment I stood up and poured water in a glass for him “It’s because of the pepper in the food, sip some water it will help” I said I hand the glass of water.

Moving on swiftly, I usually read in the evening till late in the night, and nothing so far had changed that arrangement, so in the mood of satisfaction, I wanted to chill a bit before reading, so I laid on the bed and checked the social media platforms and after a few minutes I don’t know how, but I blacked out. I woke up at around 5am in the morning on top of the bed uncovered, in mind I asked, what happened? Then I remembered the Rolex in the Kikomando I had.

  • If you have never tried a Rolex or a kikomando before, you need to. I repeat, you need to.
  • And also if you want to try a Rolex in a kikomando, go right ahead it is  a must a try *In the Rolex guy’s voice*


  1. Rolex; a fast food; Fried egg(s) rolled in the chapati(s). For detailed description see Marie’s post of the Uganda Rolex
  2. Kikomando; a meal; Chopped Chapiti(s) mixed with beans.
  3. Baba; a title to a male elder in the eastern region of Uganda, most especially among the Basoga.

13 thoughts on “A Rolex In A Kikomando

  1. They both sound like something I’d love to try. Rolex and kikomando. Sounds trickish and deceitful.(Rolex, ofcourse sounds like the wristwatch and kikomando sounds like a kind of alligator. I honestly don’t know why).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL..You my friend should try the Rolex, not the wristwatch, the Uganda fast food as defined in the footnotes.
      The Kikomando sounds like an alligator kind, well maybe it is, because what it does in your system after digestion is totally epic. (You are satisfied and cover for more than 12hours) I tell no lies. . . what else could that be? exactly!

      Liked by 2 people

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