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A Recognition Award

About three years ago, I ventured into the blogging community, it was without a doubt that I didn’t know all the dynamics and basic blogging fundamentals of the blogosphere. So yes, I was pretty much an armature at it, though I wasn’t at writing.

To be a bit different from many bloggers that usually open blog sites to rant, share their experiences to inspire and motivate others, I personally didn’t start for any of the above reasons, rather I started because I was curious and I wanted enlightenment on many things about life, that is to say; Relationships, careers, African heritage, family, beliefs, health, travels and tours to mention but a few.

Currently I have got some answers and I am still on the search for more hence why I read, share and comment on many blogs I find in the blogosphere.  So, why am I telling you all this?

Well, recently I was recognized in the blogging community with an award, Yes, I got nominated by Josephine, who blogs daily following prompts and currently she is doing the family beyond blood series, she is really brilliant and has a good head over her shoulders. I want to thank her for the nomination and also for the being such a passionate person.

While I was still at it, another nomination came through from Boma, who is real about life and that is what her blogs are about. Thank you so much for the nomination, I really appreciate.

Blogger 2
The Blogger Recognition Award

You might be wondering how this recognition award thing works exactly, no? Here is the thing, the person who nominated you for the blogger recognition award is key and you need to thank that person. Follow a few rules they give you, that is to say; Write a post to show the award, acknowledge the blogger who nominated you, give a brief story about how you started blogging and give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.

I too would love to nominate the following bloggers for the blogger recognition award; Esther A.K.A That Writer Chic, Fiona Komusana of Everything and Nothing, Kirabo Lynn and her Wandering journey, Josh Agaba who has Unsaid feelings, Sinawo who is mastering the now, Mademoiselle Vu who does The Vu Chronicles and Fioneezy with her Poetic Ecstasy.

To the new bloggers in the blog community;

Write – I mean, really write. Although you may believe that this is one of the easiest parts (after all, a blog means writing), the reality is a bit different. Quite shocking, right? But believe it or not, this is the makes the difference between a passionate writer (even though he is a beginner) and a wannabe writer looking to make some money.

Create your very own schedule and maintain it – This might be hard at the start, but be consistent and follow your passion for writing, this is how you will slowly develop the habit of writing, a habit that will definitely come in handy once you’ve managed to start your blog every sense of the word.


17 thoughts on “A Recognition Award

  1. can you ever get all the answers? lol or maybe thats just the purpose of life, the search for answers….. and writing down some of them to make it easier for others to find theirs

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    1. Exactly, that’s the conversation I was having with a friend earlier today, it’s the told stories that help others shape their lives. There is always something new to learn, write about, read and comprehend.
      Thank you for passing by.

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