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Stories That Can Change Uganda Forever

Over the years, the commonly known story about Uganda is the Adi Amin Dada story. If you go around the globe and ask anyone about Uganda, you will be surprised at the responses and stories you might get, a number of people will relate Uganda to; Idi Amin Dada and Kony in northern Uganda. But, is that all, Uganda has got to offer?

sunrise 1
Gulu, Uganda at sunrise. This was taken at a National water plant in Gulu.

I am a Ugandan, and I know it’s unfair and sad to me, that many people around the globe know so little about my Country Uganda –the pearl of Africa. I mean, the pearl of Africa is not just a man or a few individuals, rather everything it has to offer is amazingly beautiful; sceneries, cultural diversity, wildlife, the weather, the people’s hospitality to mention but a few.

I can’t entirely blame the many people who know so little about Uganda, but, neither can I blame the storytellers and the citizens, yet there are partly to blame. But, hey, if storytellers told stories of Uganda’s beauty, weather, delicacy, diversity, hospitality and other stories while citizens take time to visit the different parts of their country, can you imagine the stories and that would out on the globe? And the benefits of this, in the long run are two ways, to the tourist/traveler and the country at large?

Filters for what
The Murchison falls national park in Masindi, Uganda.

Anyway, I am not here to complain, because complaining doesn’t make me better and it’s not my portion, but I am here to announce that Uganda is now rising, with new better stories and citizen journalism. Stories all over the internet are now rolling – on websites and social media, not forgetting stories being developed on our traditional media and press.

Meanwhile, as this happens, I am on not sitting, and neither some Ugandans of the single mind, who are on the search for Ugandan stories ranging from sights and scenery, cultural diversity, wildlife, delicacy, customs, people, innovations, entertainment the list that makes Uganda the pearl of Africa is endless.

Giraffes in the Murchison falls national park, in Masindi, Uganda

I have so far traveled to different parts of Uganda under the umbrella #KoikoiUg West, East and North capturing stories and real life experiences – living in the moment. Most of these stories and moments are up on the internet already and currently there are over 3,500 posts, with rich and great content.

It is a new beginning to many storytellers and reporters from Uganda, it might take a while for Uganda to see the full fruits of these storytellers, but like the famous saying “Rome, wasn’t built in a day” it will take different posts and stories each and every day but one day we shall be there, like the Baganda people say “Kamukamu, gwe mugaanda” loosely translated as “one by one, makes a bundle.”

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19 thoughts on “Stories That Can Change Uganda Forever

  1. Uganda is full of beauty! I certainly left my heart there and am always promoting its people and the huge potential it is has a country to be a top destination! We promote internships in UAGnda and our isla interns love Uganda too!

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