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School, Everything And Nothing

Today I host a guest on my blog, Ruth Yawe Leona Kirabo a close and personal friend and everything in between. I told her we are doing the #UgBlogWeek under the theme: School made me no better, this is what she had to say;

Two things, school made me better, yes and no.

No better, I never have used a borehole again to pump water like I did back then in primary three, never looked at beans served on my plate and thought about the topic legumes and cotyledons, never looked at human beings and animals at large and thought about the definition of science, never lit a Bunsen burner literally after school or even pipetted a drink or travelled to North America to use the geography learnt… School made me no better if you look at things in that angle.

Yes better, I have never been less confident and sure of life’s small experiences such as why we float on water, whether ice expands on cooling, where water surfaces from anyway, why I need to brush every after a meal, greet people around me, keep time wherever I go because all school gave me was the foundation to basically most of everything in life.

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At a job interview, no one will ask me what Chemistry is but my response to the work related questions with eloquence and confidence has made me pass. It is only at school that I had the experience of eating one apple with about ten other pupils, having each what we call a bite, we had to share. The early morning time gongs prompting me to get up and report for house work gave me the natural routine to report to work every day on time at that and ready to serve.

As I relate with friends and clients I needn’t use social studies definition of a neighbor but I know that I need to respect people around me because I went through such a training and institution as school. Look at the subject agriculture, I don’t remember the introduction to that subject literally but I know that if I want to plant a mango tree it should be in loam soil and it should be mulched and pruned and harvest when the fruit is produced let alone watering. I know that I must look after my garden and only then will I reap what I sow.

History was the most boring story telling especially war stories which always gives me information and need to know about various things that happen in the world and in the country today, slave trade which led to barter trade and now here we are with the value of money. Today we cannot leave without cowry shells in form of paper and coin in dollars, shillings and pounds.

I am a lady now because school groomed me, the subject home management and foods and nutrition are my daily bread as a lady and I must perform those duties every other day of my life without fail; seaming,cleaning,cooking, laundry and tiding up the home together with the most almost pointless subject, Arts and Craft.

Needless point out that school surely and utterly contributed all round to who I am today.



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