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The Latecomers Club

One of the profound things I liked about being in boarding section; I was never late for school, I mean I was already in school, how could I be late! Well, that was the way my life was set up four years in a boarding school, until when a flip happened in Advanced Level and I had to do day school.

The procedure in boarding school was; wake up, tap jazz, clean up, tap jazz dress up, tap more jazz, breakfast, then head to class at leisure. In day school, arrangement changed to; Wake up, clean up, miss breakfast voluntarily, take Uber a taxi in silence, traffic jam, then school and finally class. Did I mention, I had to miss breakfast on a daily? To date, I still feel bad about that breakfast I missed.

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Back to the story, we had a latecomer’s club, I kid you not! A latecomers’ club (Our school was just that awesome when It came to implementing new clubs fwaa) actually, it was the headmaster’s idea for the club. So the criteria was; you come late for a couple of days say three days, you become a registered member of the club, on the next days, when the habit took you captive, you had to pay UgX. 1,000 to the headmaster through the treasurer of the club.

Meanwhile, in form five, I was always on time, actually, I was way earlier than I was supposed to be in school (I could check in before even some boarding students were awake, Yo!) Looking at those students, made me miss my boarding school days, but alas! I was enjoying day school with its settings and freedom it came with.

Fast forward, form six came with though with reputation at school and bossy settings at the school campus. So, many of us in form six started coming late for school and feeling so special. The headmaster of the school by then formed the club – latecomers’ club in our year, specifically for candidate classes. The first time, the headmaster netted me late, he threatened me saying “the next time you come late, I am making you the treasurer of the club, so you will be paying UgX. 5,000 every day and I will tell you daddy because we are friends.”

That threat only was enough to awaken my ‘early morning wake up’ system which had to gone to holiday. I wasn’t ready to pay that money each day of school and also to face my daddy and have such conversations about school, how? I resumed to coming early to school every day and never did I go to school late, never.

This threat shaped my time management pattern till today, this is one of the things school made me better at, okay, my school that had a late comers’ club. And we all know the value of time, no? If you don’t, I will leave you with a quote.

An ounce of gold will not buy an inch of time. ~Chinese Proverb



16 thoughts on “The Latecomers Club

  1. Did you guys ever get rebellious in giving the levy? Or you all agreed to pay up whenever sanctioned? Ahhh money-licious children!

    Btw what’s ‘tap jazz’?

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    1. Rebel? how and why? That would be your free pass to an expulsion, not even a suspension but expulsion.
      Oh about “tap jazz” it was a slang in school (I think it is still) to mean conversing(Conversation). . . some could say: touch base, jazz, tap jazz. Does that help?

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      1. Haha I would never have guessed “touch base” is same as tap jazz😂 I mean, here, no one would.

        Hmm expulsion? Just for refusing to pay a sum because of lateness? Hehe some elite school huh. Fwesh shildren

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  2. Hmm. Methinks perhaps your time keeping habits are not a result of the school latecomers club, but rather a result of the fear of your father. If he wasn’t disciplined and did not care about time, the threat would have had no meaning to you. Therefore I submit to you that it was a desire not to disappoint your dad or waste his money that shaped your time keeping habits. Ergo, you would have kept time with or without the influence of school, and therefore school did not make you better. It merely exploited what your Papa had already given you. Methinks 🙂

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  3. Now I just like that your headmaster. He should be brought to Ghana. Or I’ll just steal his idea and sell to our minister of education. Everything will start changing and I get to be a hero

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  4. Hehehe my club! The mornings were my worst. Sleep and I got married at a very tender age and we seem loyal to each other. Getting me out of my beddings was the biggest problem I encountered through out school. My appetite then came next. Despite erecting latest, my motor stood “better die satisfied than salivating” . I always took off with my cup of tea and a few slices of bread. Gava mukulya.

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