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The WorldWide InstaMeet Kampala

Christmas came early for me this recent Sunday on the 18th of September 2016, it was the worldwide instameet in Kampala –#WWIM14_Kampala. The Kampala instameet was hosted by the Kafunda Kreatives at a posh location in Mutundwe –Kampala, Uganda.

When I saw the arrangement was a potluck plan –every guest was to bring a dish/food to the instameet, I thought to myself what should I really prepare because I couldn’t go empty handed and yet I would be the first one on the serving dishes to serve myself.

It was the starter packer for me.

You see, I got the memo of the instameet two weeks before the meet, each and every day I thought of what to prepare, but nothing made sense, until on the second last day when I went to the Pearl of Africa Rally on Friday in Busiika. By the way, that rally was epic and lit! *insert eight fire eyes*

I was in the Vivo Energy AKA Shell V-Power tent at Lunch time and there was a dish they served us I really liked. When I looked at it, my thoughts were the Kampala instameet. So, after I was done eating I went to the chef and we had a one on one about that exact dish –Buttered Macaroni, what I need to have and do, in other words she gave a full recipe.

Personally, I love food more than I love cooking, it’s a bit tricky every time I am in the kitchen; I always have a few challenges, one being over tasting the food I am preparing, by the time it’s ready I have already eaten half of the food/dish. The other being I can only prepare a few dishes, very few about six, make that seven because I learnt a new one –buttered macaroni.

On the day of the instameet, I went shopping and bought everything I needed and a few things I didn’t actually need – maalo just. So, for about an hour and a few minutes I was cooking, yes, men do cook . . . a few dishes. When everything was ready –buttered Macaroni and the fruit salad. I prepared and set off to the worldwide Instameet in Kampala.

From the left, David, Joanne, Edna and Sandra. In the background, Michael eating up!

Ever gone to a party and you know everyone there? And there is a lot of food on the table waiting for “eaters”? Exactly, that was the feeling when I checked in I automatically belonged –paradise and a glimpse of heaven. I mean, food, posh location and cool friends, soul music, cool gadgets and more food.

People (read: Instagrammers) brought dishes I had never tasted and some I had even seen. It was all tasty and healthy. I am glad I came through otherwise someone telling me all this, would be death of either the storyteller or me. Because I still have vivid images of that food and the whole setting.

Fruits and more mores at the instameet. Photo credit: Andrew Pacutho.

By the way I think we should this again, maybe after the trip to the #KoikoiIslands Kafunda Kreative ‘leadership’ do you copy? What say you? We need to bring on the good times, taste the feeling and live every moment. Okay, I am done, I am now even hungrier; this post.


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