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A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

The first time I sailed on Lake Victoria, I was seven years old with my nine year old brother in a canoe at Ggaba landing site, which is a few meters away from home. We had an overwhelming experience and since then our curiosity to sail farther grew each and every day, to the point that we have swum several times to the islands adjacent to Ggaba landing site.

Recently I set sail to Kalangala, district with writers, photographers, travelers, patriotic Ugandans who want to document and see the Uganda through their own eyes under the umbrella #KoikoiUg – one of the projects of Kafunda Kreatives. I am part of this movement because I know a single bracelet does not jingle.

The shores of Lake Victoria in Kalangala, Uganda | Ssese Islands. #KoikoiUg #KoikoiIslands

Introducing Kalangala

When most people decide to visit Kalangala, it’s no secret they think it is one big island in the middle of Lake Victoria. Yet, Kalangala consists of eighty-four islands also known as Ssese islands. Inside Uganda boundary, the largest island is Buggala with a surface area of 275 Square Kilometers. Which is also the second largest in Lake Victoria after Ukerewe Island in Tanzania with a surface of 530 Square kilometers.

Ssese is among the counties of Buganda kingdom and constituents all the islands in Uganda in Lake Victoria. Still about Buganda, Ssese is the spiritual centre of “Misagwa” – spirits also loosely pronounced as “Misabwa” and a home to all Buganda guardians “Lubaale” hence the indigenous name “Nalubaale” for the lake.

Getting to Kalangala

Like many islands getting to kalangala can be done from all routes and directions, using a water transport means of choice.

Together with the team, the journey started from Kampala, Uganda at Shell Kira Road – Filled up the car tanks with Shell Fuel save – awesome fuel for distant destinations, no? We used the Masaka route, and embarked on a ferry from Bukakata to Buggala Island with took thirty minutes. There are other ways for examples, Nakiwogo – Entebbe ship, Kasenyi – Entebbe boats among others.

ferry .jpg
The team embarking on the Journey to go find the stories, experience life on the island and explore the beauty of the Ssese Islands, Kalangala – Uganda. #KoikoiUg #KoikoiIslands

Getting acquainted to kalangala.

According to the recent population census it shows 54,293 people are living in Kalangala District. The most spoken language is Luganda, though back in the days there was an indigenous language called Olussese spoken by the Ssese people, it was a tribe of its own, but now it’s extinct. If you neither know Luganda nor English fear not, just wear a smile and prepare to be dazed by the Ugandan hospitality, trust me on this!


Most people ensure shelter first before anything else, in Buggala Kalangala District there are quite a number of lodges, guest houses, hotels, cottages and resorts. The choice is definitely made in preference to anyone’s taste. For the weekend Paronoma cottages were a home away from home.

Besides Paronoma cottages, there is; Ssese Beach hotel, Ssese habitant, pearl garden resort beach, Mirembe resort, Brovad sand lodge, Pelican beach, Victoria forest, king fisher camping site, among others.

Activities and places to visit

The forest whole arrangement. Tip: Just keep awesome and funny conversation going, you will enjoy the walk more than the others. *winks* #KoikoiUg #KoikoiIslands

What is going to a place and you don’t experience, explore and try out something new? While in Ssese islands here are some of the activities we engaged in; the natural forest walk, biking, quad biking, swimming, boat cruise and interacting with the residents. The places; Wanema Shrine, Nanziri Falls, Nnalongo Nanziri cave, fishing village, Bidco plantation, the orthodox church and definitely the white sand beaches.

Nanziri .jpg
The Nanziri Falls, Ssese Islands, Uganda.

One thing anyone ought to try, is the Ssese Islands staple food which is “Kabelo” – cassava pieces prepared together with any kind of fish.

The DON’Ts.

Don’t bring sheep or it’s products to the Ssese islands, otherwise upon docking you will be struck down by the lightning.

When you decide to become a resident, don’t grow millet or engage in any millet farming otherwise that particular island will be fronting famine and drought. Even if it’s small scale just don’t.

Don’t be late for the ferry.

Don’t forget to loosen up! Never Forget. . .

From left, Joanitah, Patricia and Twonjex living in the moment as they loosen up. Never not!

25 thoughts on “A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

  1. Wow,what a great experience. Well thank you for the article its also very educative,i didnt know Kalangala consists of EIGHTY FOUR islands!!!…would love to take a trip and enjoy this wonderful beauty

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    1. Well, first Pearl didn’t miss the adventure she was there when it all happened. Two, why did you miss in action I mean why? Three, I am glad you liked it and Lastly thanks for passing by!


    1. Jeremy, people in my blog world can’t relate to that dance, so really! And also what happens at Koikoi trips stays there. . .
      Anyway on behalf of KoikoiUg leadership thank you for coming through. To more adventures Cheers. Ooh and thanks for passing by in my blog world. I really appreciate.


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