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Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

Cyber Bullying isn’t a topic I have ever cared enough for to consider writing about, however, recent events of my social media usage have brought me to the realization that silence isn’t always the solution. A recent event of cyber bullying left me sullen and very upset. I guess sometimes one needs to get angry enough about something to want to do something about it. This is also for those who have and those will most certainly fall victim.

The internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like never before. Many of us use the internet to connect with friends, get to know what is happening around us, online businesses among other things. But, some people use it for crime – cybercrime to exploit and mistreat others, that is to say, cyber bullying, transaction fraud, sexual explicatory, hacking among others.

Cyber-Bullying is an act of harassment and abuse that takes place within a digital setting, most commonly classified as Internet or Online-based forums. Examples of cyber bullying include; mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

Here are some scenarios of cyber bullying;

A few screenshots indicating cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is a rampant evil that is taking our cyber space each and every day. Chances are that many people who used the internet for a while have either experienced, witnessed or at least taken part in cyber bullying. It might have been knowingly or unknowingly.

I fell victim to social networking cyber bullying which is the most raw and common of type of cyber bullying. This happened on two social networking platforms, namely twitter and Facebook, by the same notorious individual. The worst part of it, this individual did it for cheap popularity and fame to get likes and retweets on the posts. But don’t they all! Whole and happy people don’t thrive on destroying other people.

Many people on social media need to know that there is more to social media than posting content for likes and retweets, shares and comments. This is the very reason why such mannerisms of posting for fame continue to surface on social media. I usually tell people,

many people know too much online yet understand too little.

Many cyber bullies always claim, “it’s just social media, it’s not that serious!” Cyber bullying has far-reaching effects to victims, including but not limited to anxiety, depression and distress, and in extreme conditions suicide. Cyber bullying is wrong and it should neither happen to you nor anyone, irrespective of age, physical size, gender or number of followers.

In the terms and conditions of all social networking sites, the rules are clear, though most people just agree with them without reading through, and starting using the service. Here is a quick example, if you check twitter terms of services, section 4. Using the service, the developers included the Twitter rules, and in the rules, subsection 2. Abusive behavior has whole segment that addresses all this and its penalties. If only, people read these terms, the cyber space would totally be conducive.

Here some simple yet vital steps a victim of cyber bully can undertake;

  1. Talk to the bully either publicly or in a private message.
  2. If the bully refuses to apologize and refuses to take down the post, report the post, either to that exact social media platform or the international cyber-crime alert center.

Report using the platform following these steps:

Follow these steps and report cyber bullying or any sort of cyber-crime

So, here is my humble appeal to all social media users, before you share any pictures, videos, graphics or any kind of content, make sure you are posting the truth about someone, especially the captions in the pictures. Ask people before using their pictures anywhere online. Kindly don’t abuse, threaten people, and in case you have been abused not return fire, just report to that social media and keep your peace, knowing that silence is the best revenge. Also remember the world won’t stop because you didn’t response.

A cyber space with no cyber bullying is possible, it begins with you.



25 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

  1. Sorry about that JJ!

    I think I saw mention of CyberBulling somewhere online, but had never really looked into it.
    Will keep an eye out and monitor my own posts – I agree, we can sometimes follow the crowd, ‘because everyone is doing it and it is not that serious’

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    1. I first encountered Cyber bullying when I was hosted on NTVmen those days. This guy went ham on my looks, accent and smile. It hurt and I wrote a full blog about it. I got depressed for days, refused to load data cause I was afraid of what I would get notified of. And when I did, I found people had armed up and defended my honour.

      Then I got bullied again because of typos in my blog. This was the worst, the blog got 1000 hits in just an hour. But they were no fire falling from sky typos. It was just because this one person didn’t like what I had wrote; wanted to use my name to become famous, I was dragged down the drain. Depression returned with a bang. I wanted to close my blog but I looked for the silver lining, I was getting ‘famous’, followers grew, my site numbers grew, blog followers grew, everything looked great but my self esteem was affected. Until today I struggle to post up a posts, comment and all those tweet, it all a second guessing thing to me. All the post everywhere are second guesses, they are not from a calm place.

      Cyber bulling is real and we are feeding it with our desire for cheap popularity and ‘being famous’.

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      1. Sorry Patricia about that, it’s really not pretty to be a victim of cyber bullying. Again sorry, next time it happens (God forbid) kind alert the system or the service you’re using. Take care Patricia

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    1. Ayaaa *drops jaw* sorry Amanya this is really bad. Hope you resolved this . . .
      If not, please educate, inform and advise your friend/follower, that what he/she is doing is wrong and a crime in the cyber space.
      Thanks for sharing your side of the story.


    1. I can’t neither deny nor confirm that statement, all I want people in the cyber space to know is, cyber bullying is wrong, like I said in my conclusion, in case you have been abused not return fire, just report to that social media platform and keep peace, knowing that silence is the best revenge.
      Thank you Mildred for reading and definitely for the feedback.

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  2. This is a rich one I must say. A number of people have been scared away from these spaces because of cyber bullying. We really need a solution to this vice and we ought to be cautious about what we post.


  3. Well said, sucks that you had to experience that.
    I feel there is a strong difference between giving constructive criticism and someone going out of their way to hurt another’s person feelings. And social media opens up this avenue for most individuals to want to leave offensive and rude remarks about an individual for whatever reason thinking its all for laughs. Cyberbullying has reached a point that it’s hard to stop the trollers at this point. As the person being bullied, one cant allow every comment to affect emotionally. Just brush off the haters and continue living a happy life.


    1. Yes, It sucked I had to, I am still getting better, recovery process coming through.
      Meanwhile about constructive criticism and negative criticism is another topic of it’s own, though what you shared here is actually true. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Wow I love the feedback! So sorry Patricia Kahill about that experience. You should also note that some of the people that harass you for such typos may not even care about what you have to say. Continue gathering yourself and fight that second guessing. I know how it kills.

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