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The Weight Of Sexuality Education

Recently on 28th October 2016, the Parliament of the Republic Of Uganda banned sexuality education, be it on school or non-school grounds. You see, the problem of deciphering 21st century matters with 18th century solutions is that, the solutions are inefficient and totally unusable. Sexuality education started being taught in schools in the late 1990s, when Uganda was preaching abstinence –only. The programme was mainly introduced to empower young people to delay their sexual relations until marriage through abstinence.

In this era, sexuality education has to be improved, revised and a bit more comprehensive, to cater for the generation and to suit the times we are in. Literally the curriculum has to include a few features like abortion, contraceptives, reproductive health to mention but a few. These features are included not to damage the generation, rather to impart information to the students.

Let me first put everything in perspective from the definition:

Sexuality education is a lifelong process of acquiring information and forming attitudes, beliefs, and values. –It encompasses sexual development, sexual and reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, intimacy, body image, and gender roles.

I have four questions about the ban, hopefully I will get some answers.

Disclaimer: I am not sabotaging a government programme, I am just on a search for some answers.

  1. Does the Parliament Understand exactly what they banned? Or they just banned the sexuality education fwaa? Understanding and knowing something are two different things, if we pick from the definition of sexuality education, Someone explain to me, what is wrong with acquiring such information! Maybe such information is so immoral to the citizen and the students in school, no?


  1. Is the parliament of Uganda aware that the media is constantly feeding the citizens with sexuality education each and every day? This information might not be packaged and labeled as sexuality education on both social media and traditional media, though surely it is! Sexuality education helps different individuals to make informed choices in line with sexual and reproductive health. – This kind of information, is vital and I just get it why it is banned in Uganda. I don’t think media is about to stop on putting out this kind of content, yes?


  1. Is the Parliament aware that many parents don’t impart sexuality education to their children? Actually, many parents in Uganda can’t tackle a topic of sexuality in the vicinity of their children. So, literally the avenues where many children can get the proper sexuality education are schools. But, hey, maybe our future leaders don’t need this information, yes?


  1. Does the Parliament know that there are ‘Sengas’ who are coaching Sexuality education to many, especially in the central region? And no one, can actually stop them irrespective of what is being legislated in August House? These ‘Sengas’ have been here even before I was born and I know, there will be others even after I have checked out.

I think, I repeat, I think sexuality education is relevant and it’s very thoughtless to just ban it in school and non-school grounds. If we need a generation that has healthy youths, who are grown up and are prepared for reality with reliable information for safety well-being, then sexuality education is the way to go.

Though, in case you have different views and answers, I welcome them all. I need to learn, because,

He who learns, teaches. ~ Ethiopian proverb


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