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Music At The Junction

Today, I host a guest on my blog, his name Emmanuel Kasomi. This is something he wanted to share in the #UGBlogWeek  So, ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

As she walked across the lane, she held a big blue bag. On a very hot afternoon, her jacket, so white as snow, gave her completion. To her, smartness knew no weather.

She consequently shook her head, giving side smiles on her attractive face. In her red velvet dress she walked step by step, to wherever she was headed, I knew not of. I looked on and as she passed me by, I continued to my where-abouts. The headsets in her ears defined just how she swung her arms, and softly hummed to every song she heard. I was slowly snooping at her back. In an impromptu to say hi, my phone vibrated, it was bae.

An unplanned arrangement it was. I had to cross the road, headed to where the phone call I had received decided. Uphill I went! As I looked back at her, she preceded majestically taking calculated paces at utmost comfort.

Sloping down the hill was a taxi, faster than “speed” it went. As it passed me by, the pull effect of Bernoulli proved its practicability and thus my heart skipped in entirety. The conductor in the taxi scrum rowdily in tremor and helplessness saying, “Emulemye, elemmye. . . Eganye okusiba” loosely translated as “the brakes have failed to function”.  Immediately my ear grasped by this, fear arose in my inside, and in an eye blink, I turned to face the lane across, from where I’d last seen her. She went on, clueless about what was happening.

At rocket speed, the taxi continued, and on reaching the junction, in a bid to prevent crashing into other cars, the driver tried to impulsively turn it. Can’t he jump out of the taxi like many I’ve heard of have? , The question came to my mind.

Undoubtedly he wanted to save lives. In his relentless struggle, did he know there was someone walking along across the street, not knowing what was happening? Was it his fault, or her fault being unable to relate to what was on scene?
In her world, it was all smiles, harmony, swaying, all this in the name of HEADSETS (call them earphones, earpieces, name it).

The taxi rolled up to the gorgeous lady leaving her white-coat all soaked red. You could think it was valentine, but no, she had died. She could breathe no more. She had said bye to the world. It was her final destination. Why? Headsets, headsets and headsets.

I wish she’d read this, maybe she could have known better. But no, wishes aren’t horses, I contemplated.

Probably you have these buddies of yours, and they really keep you at peace on those long walks and journeys, but have you thought about the adverse side of them? Yes?
You might have almost had an instance similar to this, and you were lucky. Or other instances where it was a narrow escape, but still insisted on these buddies. This I say, one word to a wise is enough.

My take: Action and reaction might not be equal but are opposite.

 “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it” ~ Dennis P. Kimbro.


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