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A Weekend Guide To Speke Resort, Munyonyo

Speke Resort Munyonyo is one of the biggest resorts in Kampala. By the way, this resort is in my neighbourhood and over the years, Speke Resort has become a place the go-to place for chilling over the weekend, over the top weddings and company Christmas parties! I thought it could be a great idea to create a guide for those visiting for the first time or the 50th time.
Without further ado here is a weekend guide to Speke Resort Munyonyo:
Speke Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba of Uganda

The location:
Speke Resort is located in Munyonyo, which is southern Kampala, 12KM away from the capital city of Uganda. It averagely takes about 30 minutes on to get to the resort. If coming from Entebbe, one can use the Kampala – Entebbe Express highway which has was recently opened. This averagely 25 mins to get to the resort.

Speke Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba of Uganda
Checking in
Upon check-in, your mind experiences a cathartic moment; you automatically plug into a new world with state of the art beauty miles away from the city’s hustle and bustle! At this point, take your time at the reception lobby – kick off your shoes (if you trust the smell of your socks), sit back, relax, lean into the comfy chairs and pause. Whenever you are ready to go to your hotel room, check in at the desk and within a minute everything will be processed and good to go.

Speke  Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba of Uganda
The hotel Rooms:
On the weekends the hotel has a special package for all guests; regardless of nationality, height, size, dietary requirements e.t.c. If you want to spend less yet have the best, I would recommend the deluxe rooms; especially if you are coming along with someone special say your sister or brother, or your other half. The deluxe double is the best plan with a full board experience at $188 all through the weekend – this kind of package includes 3 meals, numerous activities at the wellness center (gym, steam, sauna, swimming, and the spa), half hour boat ride and if you have kids 10 minutes boat ride for them.
If you are an extra person – in personality and bank account – then the perhaps executive suites or presidential suites would be more to your liking. Trust me it is all worth it, go for it and enjoy like a someone from the rich gang.

Speke Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba of Uganda
The activities:
There is a lot to do at the resort which by the way is on a 90 acres estate! You will literary need a to-do list and an activity planner. You weekend includes; From my experience, this what I would recommend;
Check in on Friday, settle into your room, start with the activities at the wellness centre; do a swim, a steam bath, sauna, or perhaps a spa treatment.

Speke Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba Of Uganda
Photo credit: Mawejje Romans

At 7:30 pm freshen up and head-over to Nyanja restaurant for dinner, while listening to a live band that plays till 10pm.
Next day, go horse riding in the early afternoon  and in the evening have a boat ride. Literally ride away everything on Saturday.
On Sunday, enjoy and live on the other side of the resort, have fun, play, and be one with the serenity of Speke Resort. In the evening there are a number of activities that happen; usually on First Sundays of the month a live band plays, and other Sundays they host acrobatics gurus, and others they have a market. while at any of these you catch and watch the sunset seated on the shores of Lake Victoria, sigh.

Speke Resort Munyonyo | Joel Jemba of Uganda

There are five restaurants on this resort, personally, I like the meals served at the Nyanja restaurant and there is a lot to choose from and with every choice your taste buds are overwhelmed with things, good things.

Your weekend will be a beautiful stay when you experience it all, and most importantly you will create profound memories that will last a lifetime!

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