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The Weight Of Sexuality Education

Recently on 28th October 2016, the Parliament of the Republic Of Uganda banned sexuality education, be it on school or non-school grounds. You see, the problem of deciphering 21st century matters with 18th century solutions is that, the solutions are inefficient and totally unusable. Sexuality education started being taught in schools in the late 1990s,… Continue reading The Weight Of Sexuality Education

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Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

Cyber Bullying isn’t a topic I have ever cared enough for to consider writing about, however, recent events of my social media usage have brought me to the realization that silence isn’t always the solution. A recent event of cyber bullying left me sullen and very upset. I guess sometimes one needs to get angry… Continue reading Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

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A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

The first time I sailed on Lake Victoria, I was seven years old with my nine year old brother in a canoe at Ggaba landing site, which is a few meters away from home. We had an overwhelming experience and since then our curiosity to sail farther grew each and every day, to the point… Continue reading A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

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Stories That Can Change Uganda Forever

Over the years, the commonly known story about Uganda is the Adi Amin Dada story. If you go around the globe and ask anyone about Uganda, you will be surprised at the responses and stories you might get, a number of people will relate Uganda to; Idi Amin Dada and Kony in northern Uganda. But,… Continue reading Stories That Can Change Uganda Forever

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I Have Been Robbed

“Hello” “Joel Jemba hello” “Joel, I have been robbed” “What?! Where?” “On these busy streets around the old taxi park” “Ayah! What exactly happened?” I am getting ahead of the whole story, let me start from the start. A couple of months back, a close friend of mine had planned a surprise visit to yours… Continue reading I Have Been Robbed

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When Taking A Boda-Boda

The other day, I was from a party lit party (#KoikoiUg turned one year on 15th July) at around 03am, I walked out of the party to find the means to travel back home, two motorbike men (Read: Boda-boda guys) both said “Boss, we go?” I looked at them critically; one was in a black… Continue reading When Taking A Boda-Boda

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A Rolex In A Kikomando

Yesterday but one in Uganda we were celebrating the Ugandan Rolex1, we were appreciating the different types of Rolexes, the people who make them and the heritage it brings back to our country, Uganda. All through the day, a few friends of mine ate Rolexes and I couldn’t, because I was tied down at the… Continue reading A Rolex In A Kikomando