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The Weight Of Sexuality Education

Recently on 28th October 2016, the Parliament of the Republic Of Uganda banned sexuality education, be it on school or non-school grounds. You see, the problem of deciphering 21st century matters with 18th century solutions is that, the solutions are inefficient and totally unusable. Sexuality education started being taught in schools in the late 1990s,… Continue reading The Weight Of Sexuality Education

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Dying To Read The Policy

Me and events though! But anyway, I will be fine, thank you thank you. . . I was at an event, where policy makers and implementers met to discuss the Adolescent Health Policy and its implementation. Did I just rhyme in that sentence? No. So I was saying, the discussion was a #Share1011 kind of… Continue reading Dying To Read The Policy

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I Still Play For The Team

A friend once told me, food and events will be the death of me, I laughed about it! This statement occupied my mind after an incidence in my life a couple of months back. But I am getting ahead of myself; let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I was at an event just next… Continue reading I Still Play For The Team

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Samson Omusafesafe

In a village far far away lived a writer, his name Samson Omusafesafe. He used to write every time and almost on everything he found. He could write on the papers, in books, on tables, on the ground and anywhere he found space to write.  Samson Omusafesafe couldn’t do without writing literally writing was a… Continue reading Samson Omusafesafe

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One Stage Of The Life Cycle

Find someone, fall in love, relate accordingly, maybe marry or cohabit, start a family –get off-springs, they too find others, fall in love and the cycle continues like that. And that is life literally, no? I would love to tackle all the stages of this cycle but no, I am going to focus on one… Continue reading One Stage Of The Life Cycle

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Talking About Sex

Among the Baganda and many other tribes in Uganda, it’s very rare to find parents talking to their children about sexuality. Apparently it seems like a parent has no business talking about sex to their off springs. I don’t know about the Americans and other ethnic groups in Africa but for Buganda that I am… Continue reading Talking About Sex