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A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

The first time I sailed on Lake Victoria, I was seven years old with my nine year old brother in a canoe at Ggaba landing site, which is a few meters away from home. We had an overwhelming experience and since then our curiosity to sail farther grew each and every day, to the point… Continue reading A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

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Quick Guide To Kapchorwa, Uganda

I had never been to Kapchorwa, Uganda before. Though I had read and studied about it. Recently together with friends under the umbrella #KoikoiUg we visited, toured and experienced numerous activities in Kapchorwa.  You see Kapchorwa is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda, with a number of physical features that welcome you from afar. As you… Continue reading Quick Guide To Kapchorwa, Uganda

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Quick Guide To Ggaba

Growing up in Kampala, Uganda in a suburb of Ggaba for over twenty years, I have a vivid tour guide picture for Ggaba, The lake Victoria boat ride experience, the fish, the best lake view sites and best times for the view, the adventures, the structures, the DOs and DON’Ts and definitely the people. Visiting… Continue reading Quick Guide To Ggaba