Boda Boda Chronicles – Kampala

Is it just me that struggles to leave the warmth of bed on cold mornings or are there other soldiers in this struggle? Recently, I woke up on a cold morning, with one eye open I reached for my phone because I didn’t want to leave the warm bed. Started scrolling through twitter, then it… Continue reading Boda Boda Chronicles – Kampala

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A Recognition Award

About three years ago, I ventured into the blogging community, it was without a doubt that I didn’t know all the dynamics and basic blogging fundamentals of the blogosphere. So yes, I was pretty much an armature at it, though I wasn’t at writing. To be a bit different from many bloggers that usually open… Continue reading A Recognition Award

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A Rolex In A Kikomando

Yesterday but one in Uganda we were celebrating the Ugandan Rolex1, we were appreciating the different types of Rolexes, the people who make them and the heritage it brings back to our country, Uganda. All through the day, a few friends of mine ate Rolexes and I couldn’t, because I was tied down at the… Continue reading A Rolex In A Kikomando

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A Gift To A Sulker

It’s often discussed. I like to put on a sunny facade but behind closed doors I go in for the most tragicomic behaviors of a relationship. A sulk1 typically starts over a disappointment –most often over an objectively rather small matter.  Jackiea didn’t ask me how my day was. Jackie forgot to notice my new… Continue reading A Gift To A Sulker


The Old Kid On The Block

Lately I have been traveling more going places east, central and far away from my home area code. In my traveling mode I recently visited a place next to my home neighborhood. This visit made me wail at every story I heard and at each engagement I had. Yes, you heard me right. I wailed!… Continue reading The Old Kid On The Block