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A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

The first time I sailed on Lake Victoria, I was seven years old with my nine year old brother in a canoe at Ggaba landing site, which is a few meters away from home. We had an overwhelming experience and since then our curiosity to sail farther grew each and every day, to the point… Continue reading A Quick Guide To Kalangala, Uganda

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The WorldWide InstaMeet Kampala

Christmas came early for me this recent Sunday on the 18th of September 2016, it was the worldwide instameet in Kampala –#WWIM14_Kampala. The Kampala instameet was hosted by the Kafunda Kreatives at a posh location in Mutundwe –Kampala, Uganda. When I saw the arrangement was a potluck plan –every guest was to bring a dish/food… Continue reading The WorldWide InstaMeet Kampala

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What’s Education For Exactly?

Last year, 2015 ‘The school of life’ did a short film ‘What’s education for?’ this film is just 3 minutes and some seconds. This short films says it all that I would love to share and change about the education. But hey, Since we are in the #UgBlogWeek under the theme: School made me no… Continue reading What’s Education For Exactly?

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What If I Told You, School . . .

What if I told you, you are brainwashed all through school? What if I told you, your creativity is killed by school? What if told you, going through school and having an education are two different things? What if I told you, education is the key and school is the lock? What if I told… Continue reading What If I Told You, School . . .

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School, Everything And Nothing

Today I host a guest on my blog, Ruth Yawe Leona Kirabo a close and personal friend and everything in between. I told her we are doing the #UgBlogWeek under the theme: School made me no better, this is what she had to say; Two things, school made me better, yes and no. No better, I… Continue reading School, Everything And Nothing

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School Vs Education

A few years back, I was watching spoken poetry and then I found Suli Breaks’ YouTube channel, which has totally awesome pieces. (I tell no lies) So, one of the pieces that captured much of my attention was “Why I hate School but love Education.” since we are in the #UgBlogWeek under the theme: School… Continue reading School Vs Education