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Crush Zone

Crushes happen in the privacy of our minds, pretty much everywhere; at the pool, the conferences, the aisles of the supermarket, the book stores. The dynamic is always the same. Very little knowledge, indeed complete ignorance combined with a deep sense of knowing them absolutely and of being entirely certain they would if only circumstances… Continue reading Crush Zone

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A Gift To A Sulker

It’s often discussed. I like to put on a sunny facade but behind closed doors I go in for the most tragicomic behaviors of a relationship. A sulk1 typically starts over a disappointment –most often over an objectively rather small matter.  Jackiea didn’t ask me how my day was. Jackie forgot to notice my new… Continue reading A Gift To A Sulker


The Most Romantic Funeral.

It’s easy to be pessimistic about many things: the state of the planet, the economy, the future of humanity. Yet there is one area where many of us retain a curious sense of optimism –love. We have faith that, from among the millions of our fellow human beings out there, will one day be able… Continue reading The Most Romantic Funeral.