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The Death Trap Products.

I enjoy having a meal in a Kafunda, well, for the most obvious reason, the food is cheap, secondly, Kafunda restaurants have the best cooked local foods but above all, I love them for the random conversations people have openly. Different people sit next to each other and talk about anything. Literally, you can eardrop… Continue reading The Death Trap Products.

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A Weekend Guide To Speke Resort, Munyonyo

Speke Resort Munyonyo is one of the biggest resorts in Kampala. By the way, this resort is in my neighbourhood and over the years, Speke Resort has become a place the go-to place for chilling over the weekend, over the top weddings and company Christmas parties! I thought it could be a great idea to… Continue reading A Weekend Guide To Speke Resort, Munyonyo

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The Kiosk And Kafunda Tales From High school

In high school I had many of my best and worst moments of life, I cried, I laughed, I loved, I bled, I was bullied, I fought, I led, I excelled on top, I escaped and other things. Like all High schools we had strict rules and regulations, though many of these rules are broken… Continue reading The Kiosk And Kafunda Tales From High school

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Quick Guide: Rafting On River Nile, Uganda

Growing up in Ggaba – a fishing village on the shores of lake Victoria involved making a number of radical and rebellious discussions since childhood; swimming and playing in the lake were the most prohibited activities parents and elders stopped many children from doing. Though like many children, fun with friends comes first before society… Continue reading Quick Guide: Rafting On River Nile, Uganda


Boda Boda Chronicles – Kampala

Is it just me that struggles to leave the warmth of bed on cold mornings or are there other soldiers in this struggle? Recently, I woke up on a cold morning, with one eye open I reached for my phone because I didn’t want to leave the warm bed. Started scrolling through twitter, then it… Continue reading Boda Boda Chronicles – Kampala

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Quick Guide To Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

I have contemplated a lot about writing this guide, here is why; while we were doing the game drive the lions decided to hide. Together with other #Koikoiug troopers we waited for some good time and believe me when I say we waited. We didn’t see any lion and yet I am supposed to tell you… Continue reading Quick Guide To Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

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Music At The Junction

Today, I host a guest on my blog, his name Emmanuel Kasomi. This is something he wanted to share in the #UGBlogWeek  So, ladies and gentlemen, shall we? As she walked across the lane, she held a big blue bag. On a very hot afternoon, her jacket, so white as snow, gave her completion. To… Continue reading Music At The Junction