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Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

Cyber Bullying isn’t a topic I have ever cared enough for to consider writing about, however, recent events of my social media usage have brought me to the realization that silence isn’t always the solution. A recent event of cyber bullying left me sullen and very upset. I guess sometimes one needs to get angry… Continue reading Cyber Bullying In Our Cyber Space

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Dying To Read The Policy

Me and events though! But anyway, I will be fine, thank you thank you. . . I was at an event, where policy makers and implementers met to discuss the Adolescent Health Policy and its implementation. Did I just rhyme in that sentence? No. So I was saying, the discussion was a #Share1011 kind of… Continue reading Dying To Read The Policy


Your Thoughts On What You Are Watching?

In my childhood my parents especially my mother, used to be very cautious on what we watched on television –We actually had TV Rules. Be it action movies, adventures, Horror movies and she was more protective on love story movies, though she used not to mind we watching comedy and cartoons movies , because by then movies… Continue reading Your Thoughts On What You Are Watching?